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How can I burn the DVD without any errors?

Asked by alacmathew (1points) August 27th, 2008

I am unable to burn a DVD properly. Some error always takes place. What should I do to burn the DVD efficiently?

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What kind of computer are you using? What software are you using to burn the DVD? What brand of DVD are you using? Does it give you an error message? If so what is it?

This is like asking why my pasta tastes like shit. We need details.

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and what might be the most important factor is, what DVD are you trying to copy? I think a lot of media has copyrighted material that will cause a lot of problems

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Try lighter fluid.

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@astro haha, but I think that would cause a lot of errors if you tried to use it afterwards…not very efficient at all =)

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A good trick is to reduce the speed at which the DVD burns. Sometimes the media isn’t able to keep up with the burner. I normally go one or two levels below maximum. Gets the job done.

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Double check your:

System specifications, especially RAM requirements, free hard drive space, etc.;

Updated OS and application software;

Driver and/of firmware updates for hardware;

Disk fragmentation and less-than optimal conditions for burning (too many background apps running, Anti-Virus disabled, etc.);

Your physical media is the right “flavor”- DVD-R is the optimal format for video-DVD. Sometimes even switching outvthe brand of media will correct burn issues.

If all else fails, utilities to diagnose failing or otherwise problematic hardware (on this case the burner) may be in order, bit only as a last resort.

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First of all, while burning close all the other applications. If the software has some virus or if your DVD burner contains some dust particles then you would face difficulties in burning the DVDs. So keep the software updated and the DVD burner free of any contaminants. And don’t forget to buy a good quality DVD. All these things would help you to burn the DVD efficiently and with no error.

P.S. Keep the disc format at UDF 1.02. This would ensure that your DVD can be read by all the players and drives.

For Replicate ur CD/DVD,s –

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