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What makes posting a link, using a smartphone possible or impossible?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 12th, 2019

As asked.

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This might just be me. But I can’t post a link using the quotation marks from the keyboard on my phone. I have to copy and paste the ones in the Fluther formatting guidelines.

My keyboard: “
Copy and pasted: ”

This should probably be in Meta.

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The real problem with mobile devices (phones and tablets) is that copy and paste is real funky – MANY more steps than on a computer with a mouse. And that’s only if the app supports it.

On my tablet, to copy a URL is 6–7 steps and it doesn’t always work.

And since Fluther’s URL posting means entering the full URL – which can be dozens of characters long – it’s impossible to type correctly.

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Whenever I did it on tablets it took 2 or 3 steps. I’m going to post the link I already posted somewhere a few months ago. Maybe @KNOWITALL would know which thread it was.
Maybe it was this one.

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-By the way the OP is about posting a link anywhere (not just on Fluther) from a smartphone.

-Does a tablet come under the title” smartphone”?

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