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Should I throw out that beautiful roast?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (6158points) 3 weeks ago

We have a large stand up freezer that’s had some meat in it for a couple of months. The most expensive is a thick cut roast. Well apparently the door was left not fully latched long enough for everything to thaw out, including that thick roast. It probably happened day before yesterday when Rick took a steak out for yesterday’s dinner. The roast is still cold, like it thawed in a fridge but… I just don’t trust it.

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When in doubt, toss it out.

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If it’s only been a day it’s probably OK. If it’s been a week, ewww!

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That’s the real problem. I don’t know exactly how long it’s been. The meat looks pristine.

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Did it smell ok and was it cold when you found it? Should be still good.

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You just don’t want it rare. I would roast it up with an alternative plan at the ready. The first bite should reveal all.

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Throw it out or throw it up, the choice of direction is yours. ;-p

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Check with your local butcher and ask what he thinks.
Probably take the inner temperature of that roast?
Otherwise don’t take chances.

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I hate that freezer anyway. I wanted everything in it to be gone so we could get it to my son and his wife who have 4 kids. We have no need for it. It just takes up space.

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But if you throw it up, DO throw it out!

If its cold and looks and smells pristine, its fine.
Cooking helps.

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Well, you do have a dog now, so…

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99% chance it is fine. Eat it.

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Just make sure its well done. Do not undercook. And cook it as soon as possible.

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I would cook it now and not re-freeze it. If it’s the temp it would have been in the fridge, it should be fine. It might still be frozen in the middle, anyway.

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I gave the dog other meats I threw out Raggy. I need a pet bear for that cut.

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