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Are we heading toward another war?

Asked by janbb (55108points) 4 weeks ago

As asked.

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Probably, but not where you think. If China does not back off their slow, hostile takeover of the South China Sea it could potentially spark something big. It’s one of the most important trade routes on the planet. If they take control it would be like losing your queen on the global chess board.

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I agree China is a potential danger, but not while President Sharpie is in the Oval Office. He doesn’t have the stones to go to war there.

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Oh he probably does, he has already engaged them on their economic war against us. One of the few things I have changed my opinion on.

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Maybe with Iran over the Saudi Arabia refinery attack.

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@RedDeerGuy1 That’s the one I was thinking of.

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Always! Haven’t you noticed?

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@stanleybmanly It does seem perpetual!

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Iran are asking for a bloody nose, well overdue too.
Still amazed Syria didn’t get their arse kicked, Assad is so bloody annoying.

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And since it does seem perpetual, you might be inclined to ask the question “why is it always us?” What makes. US so “special”?

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Trump scrapped the nuclear deal a year ago and has been waging economic war on Iran ever since. It didn’t make sense as Iran had been abiding by the agreement and collapsing the Iranian economy isn’t really good for anyone. Tensions in the area have certainly been ratcheted up and who knows what might happen next.

For all his bluster, rhetoric and foolishness I don’t think Trump is a warmonger, probably because it would be bad for business and bad for next year’s electioneering.

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Well, there’s been threat of a war with Iran for a while now. Back when the attacks on ships in the Strait of Hormuz were happening, I’m sure Bolton, Pompeo, et al. were calling for war. It didn’t happen then, probably because of Trump (not that I’m giving Trump all that much credit since he’s the one who appointed these war hawks). Now of course there’s a new pretext for it: the alleged Iranian attack on Saudi oil refineries. There’s no doubt that there are some people in the administration would love to attack Iran because of this and get us involved in another endless, pointless war.

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Iran believes they have been at war with the U.S. since November of 1979.

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Probably more true to say Iran believes the US has been at war with Iran since 1979. Some US sanctions applied at that time, like for passenger planes, have never been lifted.

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Inevitably. Iran’s been asking for it since the hostage crisis. (North Korea has been asking for it since the USS Pueblo was seized.)

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The war on Iran is for the most part economic, but that country is in a position to cost the world dearly through obliteration of that world’s Saudi oil lifeline, the sort of threat no saber rattling dares ignore.

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The oil industry and US military-industrial complex have been trying to get the US to invade Iran for decades. Their attempts have been getting more and more blatant and frequent lately.

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The GND, would be radical. But, it would also take the USA, out of having to get involved with such issues. It would put the onus, on European countries, and others. Meaning that the US, would no longer be enticed, to get involved in military quagmires… At least, in the Middle East. It is an unstable region. And we shouldn’t be involved in any, of it’s BS…The US, has constantly proven they cannot solve ANYTHING, by military conflicts. Only worsen, the instability…

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Iran and Iraq are formidable, but if war were to break out that hasn’t already (you know, one where we responded) it would be only one or maybe two strikes from the U.S.

The first strike would be the warning, and it probably wouldn’t be heeded.

What America has to fear is what would erupt right here within our own nation / border / cities.

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