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How can I build an MP3 out of a old original color Macintosh?

Asked by AlbertKinng (247points) August 28th, 2008

I don’t want to get rid of my old Mac and it only works with Mac OS 7.5 but I know that I can use it for something like playing music, any tips or ideas?

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< < really, really wishes Gail was more techno-savvy… she’d have fun with this.

A quick Google search turned up this page reviewing MP3 players for legacy Mac OS’s.

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iTunes 1 worked with OS 9.0.4.
Drat. I would have just said ‘load iTunes 1 on it and go nuts’
This is a link to the requirements of OS 9, just in case…

The original iMac had a very small HDD by comparison to today’s libraries. I would put in a new hard drive, then find a good classic mp3 app for OS 7 (or 9, if you can swing it). The rest is software manipulation.

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resists the urge to make up ways to build a file type with a piece of hardware….

Digital Juke might be one option (runs 7.1 and higher). But as blastfamy said, you won’t get many mp3 files on the original HD of that iMac (I assume it’s an iMac since we’re talking colours), so you’ll want a new one, but finding a compatible one that’ll fit, might be a challenge – perhaps an external is the way to go.

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Of course, if you decide you can’t find a compatible player – or it’ll be too much work to get it running, there’s always the MacQuariums

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@wildflower… some of the original iMacs ran System 7.5?!?!?

I assumed he meant it had a color screen, not enclosure.

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Sorry about not being more clear. I have an old Macintosh… I mean I own a Macintosh Color Classic running Mac OS 7.5… I want to add a big SCSI HD insde (about 40 or 80 gigs) and filled it up with mp3s. and use it just for a Mac fan decoration music jukebox in my room. iTunes don’t run on that OS, I need something that let me run multiple mp3s. anyone can help me ?

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@rob: you are right, of course! They ran upwards of 8!
hangs head in shame of blond moment

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I don’t think the Macintosh Color Classic has the processing chops to playback MP3s.

Motorola 68030, 16 MHz (The second version ran at 33 MHz)

But you can try this to see if they will play without skipping.

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Great. I will try that…. thanx

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