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Have you ever worn blackface or otherwise dressed up as another race?

Asked by Demosthenes (12763points) September 19th, 2019

Just curious, in light of this apparently being a favored pastime of Justin Trudeau’s. Do you think wearing blackface in your past should exclude you from holding public office?

Me, I’ve never done it. I’ve never dressed up as another race—never saw the appeal. Unless you count in kindergarten when we all made feathers and a headband out of construction paper for an event called the “popcorn powwow” (something that would not fly now, but remember this was the late 90s).

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This thing about punishing people for stupid stunts they did when they were younger is pure overkill.

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Race is a social construct.

I used to dress up as a suit.

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Oh, I do that constantly.

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Nope. I have know a few racists that did on Halloween, idiots

I dont think it should exclude you from public office, we all make mistakes.

I dressed like Brett Michaels in a leather jacket, ratty long blond wig and a doo rag and went to the haunted house and girls were grabbing my arm and squealing all night. Funniest thing ever.

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Never have.

I’ve often said thank God there were not so many cameras around when I was growing up, and no social media, because I’ve done many things which I wouldn’t want recorded for perpetuity. Things that weren’t bad at the time, but now you’d be called out for them, even though they were 30 or 40 years ago.

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I dressed up as a lion one time and had gold face with a black nose. But that’s it.

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Blackface, never. We were taught better than that.

Another race? Maybe – when I was four years old, my mom dressed me like an Indian with feathered headdress and all that. There might even be pictures.

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Not that anyone would admit doing such a thing but it never entered my mind.

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No because we were allowed to since our parents didn’t have or didn’t want to spend for one night of frolic.
By the way Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was a Drama Teacher in a private school and since he had the costume he dressed as “Aladdin” ( Disney).
In one photograph he is smiling and flanked by two other Arabs ( instructors?)who are also laughing?

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Edited..we were NOT allowed.

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@Demosthenes Perhaps fifty years ago I played drums in a “minstrel” show. Musicians were not in black face but others were. At that time we lived in a small northwestern town. This was entertainment not mocking or making fun of anyone. How s this different from wearing costumes for other occasions? Really, I do not find it any different.

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I put weight gain powder in my hair and dressed like a drow elf for Halloween in 1999.
Took weeks to get out of my hair.

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For Halloween I dressed up like I was going to prom once, when I was in college. It was generally assumed I was a prostithe because of all the make.up and wild Farrah Fawcett hair, LOL!

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Our Boy Scout troop dressed up as green robots once.

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