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Do you think the country singers who won't discuss politics are liberals?

Asked by JLeslie (57732points) 3 weeks ago

One example is Reba McEntire. She has stated more than once that she never talks politics publicly, because when she is performing she feels that she owes it to her fans to deliver the entertainment they are paying for, and they aren’t paying to here her political opinions.

What I wonder is, how many country singers do you think are Democrats, or liberal at least on some issues, who wouldn’t dare say anything in fear of being ostracized from the community and boycotted by fans. Do you think it is a really large number, or just a few?

Remember the Dixie Chicks in 2003 said things against President Bush and the war, and they paid dearly for voicing their opinions. Do you think things have changed?

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I like Reba and could care less what her Political opinion is.
I think she is very smart keeping it to herself with so much hate coming from the Republican side.

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Most are probably conservatives. Alot of country values are patriotism, respect for vets, police, God, etc… If they choose liberal ideals who would buy their music?

The Dixie Chicks are a great example, I loved Goodbye Earl and did it at karaoke often with my girls. It was taken out of rotations, off radio, just gone.

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@SQUEEKY2 I have no idea if Reba is conservative or liberal, and I agree with her that people who attend her concerts pay to hear her sing not to hear her talk about politics.

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Willie Nelson isn’t afraid to tell everyone he’s liberal and hates Trump.

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I find it confusing @KNOWITALL they probably are conservatives because they are patriots??
A democrat in your country can’t be a patriot, because they are liberal,why?
Mind explaining why only conservatives can be patriots?

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I’ve bought many tapes from Ozarks (Country/Folk) singers and bands that were anti-Bush and anti-Reagan, all within 120 miles of Branson. They were old-school Democrats and bought the oil-for-blood rhetoric used against both Bush presidencies.

Nashville, Hendersonville, and Branson all try to present a Republican image but there are still plenty of Democrats among country folk of Scots-Irish lineage.

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I wouldn’t think of anyone who was “country” as a liberal…
Generally speaking, of course.

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In my opinion, anyone who is in the pubic eye should not air their political preferences since doing so could piss someone off and endanger one’s career and/or income possibilities. I won’t put any kind of political sticker on my car for just that reason.

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@SQUEEKY Its like @kritiper said, country is generally conservative values, or culture. But @Yellowdog is right, too, plenty of Dems like my cousin, my bio dad, a lot. My family is mostly Dem actually, the older generations. My bio dad loves AOC, has a pic with her grinning like a wacko.

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IDK. I think they are wise.

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I was watching Kelly Clarkson’s show today, and Pickler and Ben last week, and I have a hard time believing any of them are against things like gay marriage, I don’t know for sure though, and even if they are liberal on some social issues, they still might vote republican, I know plenty of republicans who are liberal on social issues.

None of them are shy about having gay people on their shows, being friends with, or congenial to gay people and the gay community. It doesn’t mean they are ok with gay marriage or other civil rights issues, but they certainly aren’t trying to disassociate themselves from that community.

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@JLeslie The south and Midwest traditionally is accepting of their own, just takes time.

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I agree with her as it is NOBODY’s business but hers!!! She didn’t discuss her political beliefs even when the Dems were in office & you weren’t asking is she was a conservative. I like Reba for her music & NOT her political leanings so I really DON’T CARE who she votes for & I don’t want to hear her discuss it!!!

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^^Why are you shouting? I said I agree with Reba about not discussing it also.

However, I do think the more people talk and demonstrate their acceptance, the more chance other people will be accepting.

More than anything I was just curious if people think there are more liberals in these circles than one might think. Just like I wonder how many atheists are in office. Anyone who thinks Trump is religious, I don’t understand why they would assume that. I don’t know if he’s an atheist, but I would be shocked if he ever went to church or referenced religion in any way in his private life.

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Liberal country artists aren’t unheard of. Willie Nelson and Steve Earle come to mind.

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@LadyMarissa: Not sure if you’re aware but when you write with capital letters and then you put a bunch of exclamation points all over, it appears to be shouting or very hysterical.

Like this: When you type with a lot of exclamation points, it appears to be HYSTERICAL!!!! It looks like you’re excited or mad!!!!! We like Reba for her music and not her POLITICS!!!!!!!!!!!

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AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I’VE GONE DEAF!!!!!

Thank you @jca2. I keep wanting to say something too.

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Who cares? Why are so many people interested in other people’s politics. It is no one’s business how another votes, much less reason to treat them one way or another. On this subject, society has lost its way at the present.

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