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Has Chinese food training chopsticks been invented yet? (Details inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15331points) 3 weeks ago

Something like a glove that you can hook your chopsticks in for beginners.
I could use it. I’ve tried for 35 years to learn and I still don’t know how to use them properly.

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Haha! I havent seen any. Its finger position, maybe learn on youtube.

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The trick in my case is first stabilizing that lower stick with a just about right firm grip to keep it straight. At whatever angle your hand moves, it must be held straight.

Then hold and use the upper stick flexibly up and down to complete a pincer move picking up pieces of food.

With enough practice you can pick up a single grain of cooked white rice ( or fried ) eventually. I don’t know about catching pesky flies though. Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san were the only ones I saw actually do it.

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YouTube video It is like holding a pencil.

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Yes, they make them already. I’ve never tried them but they do make them. A friend of mine used a rubber band on her chop sticks until she could learn to control them. I prefer a fork so I’ve never tried chop sticks

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Have you looked on Amazon? I bet they carry them

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