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Do you know anyone, not necessarily personally, that actually has a name that could be considered a "joke name"?

Asked by ragingloli (49117points) September 21st, 2019

Something like Mike Hunt, or Wilma Fingerdoo.

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My brother had an English teacher named Pearl Button.

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Bernie Madoff. He made off with $65 billion dollars.

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Dick assman from Canada was on David Letterman show in the 90’s.

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Brent Butt is a Canadain actor/comedian.

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Dentist – - Bryan B.Hurt

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Crystal Clearwaters she lived on Spring street.

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I knew a pain doctor named Dr. Hertz.

I had a boss whose last name was Dick. She said her daughter became a doctor and had her last name changed because she didn’t want to be Doctor Dick. Hahaha.

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A gynecologist in town is Dr. Bush.

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Not by name alone this one.

A member of the Catholic Church in the Philippines, a Cardinal. His name was Jaime Sin. Cardinal Sin.

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I’ve known a Tom Collins and a Richard Eader (that went by Dick). I also always felt sorry for Tom Crapper…the guy that was credited with creating the toilet (hence, the crapper). It was actually Sir John Harrington (hence, The John)

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When my dad was born, his parents named him Billy Joe. In high school he legally changed it to William Joseph.
I’ve known and have heard of: Chris Christopherson, Pete Peterson, Andy Anderson, Robert Robertson, Bob White, Grey Wolf and his brother, Timber Wolf. To name but a few…

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Eye doctor – - Dr. Nosee

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I knew a woman named Candy who married a man with the last name Treat.

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And they have a son named “Van”

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Oh yeah how could I forget. Last night I asked my daughter’s friend what the name of her orthodontist is. It’s Dr. Chu.

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We hired a gardener once called Doug Green.
A neighbour is called Wayne Kerr.

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My neighbor had a couple of friends named Mary and Harry Kerry. I even met them!

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I knew someone once called Theresa Green, but everyone knows that.

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I know a guy named Richard Woodcock.

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Dick Head and Craven Moorehead

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@kritiper I knew a Grey Wolfe. I think his parents thought they were being clever. I think it’s a bit much.

@Yellowdog You do not actually know a Craven Moorehead.

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I had a chiropractor named Dr. Hurlbutt.

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Dentist near me – Dr. Justin Payne

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@snowberry were they suicidal?

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@jca2 was Doctor Dick a urologist?

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There was the fictional law firm of Dewey, Cheetum, and Howe…immortalized by the Three Stooges.

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@elbanditoroso: I don’t know. This was my boss in 1996 so I am not able to ask her now. I know she changed the name, to what, I don’t know. I was googling the mother who retired back when and moved to Florida but the name ______ Dick in Florida is not uncommon, and she’s probably still alive. Probably in her late 80’s now. What the daughter’s name is or was, I don’t know.

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My cousin ‘s boss in Palliative care at a cancer hospital was a Dr Payne.

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@elbanditoroso Haha, no, they seemed quite normal.

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Heather Hiscox.

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My middle school principal’s name was Richard Head… he went by Dick…. Mr. Dick Head.

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