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At home, do you drink tap water or bottled water?

Asked by jca2 (6288points) 1 month ago

At home, do you drink tap water or bottled water? How about when you are at other people’s homes? Do you find they tend to hand you a bottle of water, or tap water in a glass?

I ask because bottled water is so common, where I live. People drink it in their homes. When I visit friends, they will often hand me a bottle of water instead of a glass of tap water. I will hardly ever buy bottled water, except when I’m out. For home, it’s tap water.

A few weeks ago, my daughter had her two friends over (ages 9 and 12). My daughter went to get a drink of water from the kitchen sink, and the 9 year old friend looked at her with amazement and said “you drink tap water?”

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We have an under-sink filtration system (4-stage filtration) with a separate faucet. It keeps the good stuff like minerals and fluoride, but excludes undesirable stuff.

I hate bottled water. There are no standards regulating the water quality of bottled water, it creates a ton of waste, burns a lot of CO2 to transport and warehouse, causes environmental problems at the source, costs a lot of money and is ultimately inferior quality to a good filter system.

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I get well water and buy water. No tap, gross.

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Bottled. I cook with filtered water. Our tap water is very very good here. However, I was already in the habit of drinking bottled water when I moved here so still do.

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WE have a reverse-osmosis and love it, wouldn’t think of drinking tap water.

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Tap water where ever I am.

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Sounds like the bottled water corporations have some of y’all brainwashed.

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Both. I’ve been on a seltzer kick lately. Here’s hoping it will pass.

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Bottled water is pure evil for the environment. If people would recycle the plastic it wouldn’t be so bad, but most do not. They throw it in the landfill. They just throw the bottles around at campsites.
I clean up my campsites not long after we get there. So many plastic bottles thrown around. They out number the beer bottles and cans strewn about.

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@Dutchess Have you looked at actual tap numbers in your water? Acceptable levels, my arse. Hopefully yours is better though.

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No. I grew up drinking out of a hose. I feel blessed to live in a country where the majority of people have drinkable water piped right into our house.
But, typical ‘Murkins, that’s not good enough, just as the over abundance of food available to us isn’t good enough. It has to be “organic” and shit.

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I put tap water through a Britta filter and use that for everything.

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I do drink bottled spring water, but I buy the gallon jugs and keep one in the frig.

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What harmful chemicals are in plastic water bottles?
Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in the plastics that make up water bottles, baby bottles, and other food and drink packaging. It acts as an environmental estrogen and can disrupt the function of the endocrine system.Mar 23, 2019
Heating Plastic Bottles Releases Potentially Harmful Chemical… › Health › Healthday › story

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What do you do with the empty gallon jugs @Sagacious?

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I bought a Brita filter system $35 ( CDN ) and every 6 months flip out the old cartridge and add another one for the next 6 months.
Makes a real difference with the taste and texture of the water..feels smooth and clean.
Talked with our bldg mgr and he stated months ago that the water in our building is not clean.

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Tap water here is very pure. I mostly drink it in tea and I never buy bottled water.

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I purchase 4 liter jugs of milk , then when empty I recycle them at our local recycling center.

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I live in a very remote little town. We have community well water, and it is delicious.
When we visit family in Concord, which has nasty tasting water, we drink bottled water.
Years ago, when we lived there, we had a water softener, which I felt was invaluable.

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@Dutchess_lll Sometimes I cut the top off and sit it in the bottom on the kitchen garbage to put wet stuff/coffee grounds. My neighbor collects them for her grandkids school. We have a recycling bin by the dumpster. I just buy the water I drink. I make coffee and cook with filtered water via a faucet filter. I don’t find it hard to get rid of them. I recycle what I don’t use for wet garbage or give away. The little bottles, though, they just pile up fast. I have stainless steel bottles for the car. I have to drink more water than normal because of heart thing. I keep a glass of water with me all day long.

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Had anyone seen those commercials of shoes made out of recycled bottles?

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We drink filtered water from a countertop filter system. Our tap water contains enough debris to clog the faucet screen frequently.

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I just crank the faucet and Lo. I have water. I drink water.

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I drink a lot of water. I hang on to my 32oz Styrofoam cup, fill it up with ice and water throughout the day.
For free.

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Tap water only.

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Tap water, for me. It composes overy 95%, of my liquid intake.

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One good thing about about having it rain for 11 months of the year is we have good water. I tap that tap.

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Drink that tap JP. I am very proud of you, and relived, that you have made it this far. Tap water, should be like a walk in the park, for you. You’re a true source of inspiration.

I love cold water. It’s my favorite liquid, I suppose. Drink it like a river. You know that you’ve been through worse. Tap water, is the least of your concerns. You are a warrior. Drink it up. And wash down some Taco Bell, with it. You’ve earned it brother.

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I bottle my tap water and put in the fridge.

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tap. only tap.

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@stanleybmanly I finally caved and got a Soda Stream because I prefer seltzer, too, and now that they have debunked all that “it’s bad for your bones” stuff I do it without concern.

I drink filtered tap water at home. I have a Brita system. I take my own reusable bottles of water with me.

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My parents have the Brita. It seems pretty practical as it uses tap water.

Where I live, there are reservoirs for the NYC water supply. About 9 months ago there was an oil tanker that crashed and oil got into the reservoirs. They’re still cleaning it up now, 9 months later. I am thankful for the EPA and for regulations that force them to clean it up properly, and make the truck owner (or his insurance) pay the bill. I’d imagine it’s over a million dollars now. All that manpower, the trailers, the construction equipment, the media in the water, the administration of it all, the monitoring…...

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Bottled water is he spawn of the devil. I put tap wTer in a Brita pitcher in the fridge and drink that. When out, I do my best to avoid buying bottled water. Aside from the use of plasticy, it is often just local water put in bottles and shipped. A con and an environmental disaster.

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Edit: Sorry for the typos. I’m on my devices more these days and don’t catch them all in editing time.

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I use faucet filter.(Brita) *Be aware that plastic bottles of water MAY not be safe if they’ve been exposed to sun/heat. (under those conditions plastic releases dioxin)

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Our tap water tastes unfit for consumption. We have a filter under the bar and that water is good and all I or our dog drink.

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@MrGrimm888 :: That is the one good thing about mouth radiation. It kills the glands that make saliva so you have a sort of permanent dry mouth. As a result I drink a ton of water. I have to drink a pint every hour just to stay comfortable.

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I drink tap water filtered through the dispenser in the refrigerator. This is how I’ve mostly had water all my life. Although in the Bay we had notoriously good Hetch Hetchy water that I often drank straight from the tap without the filter. I only seem to drink bottled water on road trips.

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I get frustrated with my son and his wife. They buy bottled water by the case. They swear their tap water is bad. It’s not.
It’s some sort of insane brain washing that’s been going on since the 80s, and only getting worse.
I am very glad to see a revolt against single serving bottled water starting to develop.

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Tap water here is very good. Mom used to say how good my water was, and her’s wasn’t bad.

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Sorry JP. Keep drinking that waterm man.

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