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Have you ever had a perfect phone call?

Asked by Stache (4934points) September 30th, 2019 from iPhone

Can you trump Trump’s perfect phone call to Zelensky?

Please tell us about it.

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It is a strange way to word a phone call.
And NO I can’t say I have ever had a perfect phone call.

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“Hello? No, we are not interested. Bye.”

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He has a very limited vocabulary.

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It’s meaningless. drivel. Another example of the consequences of his compulsion to talk. Trump displays a difficulty in matching words to ideas one might experience from someone not fluent in English. It is fascinating to watch him as his mouth runs literally ahead of his mind, and rather than speak at a pace coherent with his mind’s processing output, random words are inserted apparently as filler to avoid the perception of gaps as his mind catches up. It is the key to why he gets into such trouble talking, and I believe in large part explains the lying as well. Trump’s fear of the stigma involved with his autism dictates that there be minimum regard for quality control concerning the words falling from his mouth. Like a carnival barker, he conflates noise with eloquence. It doesn’t matter if the words make sense.. And just as with a barker the tactic works best on those slowest at processing those incoming words with context. It is the tactic essential to every con man born or created.

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He’s autistic?

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That’s the kindest thing I can come up with. I mean look at him. The man is actually too openly a fuckup to actually be classified as evil. Just consider his current difficulties. Trump with a room full of witnesses and over a phone he knows must by law be recorded, listens to the head of state of a country begging for release of military aid that has been authorized, yet Trump is withholding. In the midst of the conversation, Trump asks a “favor”. He requests that said leader dig up dirt on the fool’s political rival, and he does so as casually as one might order a pizza. Consider the implications in this. There are only 2 possibilities for Trump. Either he knows he is committing a crime or he doesn’t. Either scenario is mind boggling. Trump has not only committed a crime, but incredibly implicated everyone hearing him including the man on the other end of the line and everyone in the room in the crime. He placed all of them in the untenable position of being active co conspirators, and every one of them knows it. That had to be some bone chilling shit to sit through. But back to the second possibility which is every bit as jaw dropping—he did not realize he was committing a crime! And if this is the case, the man’s cognitive defects are off the chart more than justifying the swift application of the 25th amendment.

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I think it’s also possible that he started out in the world with a little below average intelligence (which his followers recognized and loved…he was one of THEM!) but was so spoiled and mentally (and maybe physically) abused, never had to take responsibility for his actions, was never denied anything, and told that everything he did was genius, that by the time he was 10 he had an absurd, unrealistic view of the world and his place in it. Without the intelligence to process it any other way he was rendered effectively insane. He would not have survived society without Daddy, and after that, a legion of various people to watch over him.
He was stripped of that protection when he became president.

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