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Will Bernie Sander's heart surgery today affect his candidacy?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26746points) 2 weeks ago


Getting a couple of stents is very common surgery; he’ll be back out on the campaign trail in a couple days.

But will this hurt him in the sense that it highlights his age and potential frailty?

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It shouldn’t, but it can (be abused as such).
They can try to spin it as being a good, positive thing.
After all, he’ll probably be better/healthier after the procedure than he is before (he’s fixed, right?).

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I believe it will.
Yes, to your question.

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I think it will affect it negatively.

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@elbanditoroso News states it was insertion of a stent.. I would not think this would affect his running. This is pretty routine.

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As the recipient of two stents two years ago, it should not, but it will probably be an added negative.

Much as I admire Bernie, he is a little bit too much of the cranky old man to be President IMHO.

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Sure it will affect his candidacy, but it shouldn’t. Assuming he had no cardiac damage, putting stents in shouldn’t really be a hindrance—he should be back up and about within a week or two.

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People are hypocrites if they’ll accept RBG and all of her health issues but not accept this from Bernie. A 40 year old can have the same issue as Bernie. Age is not a factor.

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I think his campaign should provide funding for some public service presentations on the consequences of this issue to help beat the odds. It will affect peoples decision.

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I’m 41 and just had a stent put in a few months ago. It’s not a big deal and is common enough that people should realize that it’s not a big deal. But yes, it probably will hurt his campaign because people don’t really think rationally, especially when it comes to politics.

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You don’t look 41

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I think it will affect his candidacy. Should it? I don’t think so. I think his age is a negative for some people anyway.

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I doubt THAT will affect his candidacy, but we need someone who seems more centrist. Even Obama was a unifier, at first. Conservatives place Bernie Sanders’ political views in the field of communism.

I suspect that over the next four years, Trump, Pelosi, Sanders, Biden, Warren, will all show obvious signs of dementia or senility. We may benefit from their ideology and leadership while we can, but realize they may not last four years.

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People will talk about it a couple of days and then get onto something else. I read tonight that he had suspended his campaign but I took that to mean temporarily.

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Thing is, a campaign suspension, even temporary, leads to a serious loss of momentum.

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Yes as it gives the impression that he might die in Office?

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I think it is all about perception. Not about facts.

Yes, it’s a common operation. That’s a fact.

But perception is that he’s more frail. Doesn’t matter if it’s true.

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The health of the candidate is always a “thing.” His opponents will use it and say “he’s old and sick.” My guess is Bernie will outlive Trump and he’s healthier than Trump.

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