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Do you currently exercise?

Asked by hmmmmmm (6865points) October 3rd, 2019

Do you have a regular workout routine, or is your exercise more organic (walking with friends, hiking, etc)? If you do have an exercise routine, is it something you enjoy, or do you do it so that you can do the things you do enjoy (and be healthy, etc)?

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Exercise is essential to the well being of all living things but especially to the well being of the Industrial Man.

In our world and moment, there are too many temptations and excuses for being sedentary. They are all contrary to our nature. Human beings are mobile and active, ambitious and proud. To deny that is to deny your nature.

Engaging in some form of daily exercise is a moral responsibility. Otherwise, you join in the club of the pitiful, the excuse makers, the pretenders. Do you really want to be in that club?

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I think about it every day. Does that count?

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I do.
I have a regular routine.
I don’t hate nor love it.
I do it for health reasons and because I don’t want to jump off the roof to get into my pants.

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” jump off the roof to get into my pants”
How tall is the roof?

Just kidding

Pretty inappropriate

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I do sit ups and push ups to get from the bed or couch to the fridge.

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@josie -Lmao!
There is a formula. For every 10 pounds, go up one story.
So if you gain 50 pounds,go up 5 stories and so on…
Use your underpants as a parachute if you’re worried about safety. :D

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@Caravanfan: “I think about it every day. Does that count?”

Come on, there has to be something to this. Extra calories burned for exercise-related thinking. You’re the doctor – please make this study happen! :)

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I get a certain amount of exercise almost every day with my work. To help keep my high blood pressure under control, I try to walk 3 miles, 5 times a week.

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Damn it. I forgot to go to the gym today. That’s the 7th year in a row that I forgot.

I need to start doing sit ups again. I used to do 70 to 100 a day.

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I don’t have a routine or plan, but I tend up going for a bike ride several times a week. I’ve also been going to the gym more regularly, but again, not on schedule. It happens when I’m in the mood for it.

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@hmmmmmm Ha! I was kidding, of course. As it happens I went to the gym today, and I regularly hike in a local park that has a 1000 foot climb.

On my on call weeks it’s harder because I work 10 hour days.

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@Caravanfan…and here I thought all those pics you’ve posted over the years of you hiking and climbing, hither and yon, were in the Sierra Nevadas or some other cool and sexy place, not a local PARK!
Humph. >_<

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@Dutchess_lll I don’t wear 30 pound backpacks in my local park!

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On a daily basis, I need to accompany my dog for a walk around the neighborhood.

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^^^ that is something I don’t understand. Do people know they don’t have have enough room for the dog to just romp and run when they get them? I don’t get the Walk The Dog on a Schedule thing.

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My current exercise is wondering what’s up with Josie and Lucille.

I also like to hike. I have several favorite spots here in Madison, WI. This is my #1 favorite:

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I do. Lots of walking, and push uos, and dips. I used to use an Olympic weight set. But I’ve stopped, after retiring from law enforcement. I am still strong, but I’m not 315 lbs anymore. I look less like a defensive tackle, and more like a basketball player now. My back, and knees appreciate it. I got down to 243, and I plan to get back up to 265, or so.

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^^^ Why do guys seem to want to gain weight, no matter what?

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Oh yes!
I run on average between 30/40 miles a week.
Lift weights, dumbells mostly ¾ times a week.
Sit up/push up every day.

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Dutch. Will just be adding muscle mass. At 6’5, 260-ish, isn’t that big.

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I generally do something every day. Usually I bicycle for at least an hour, more if I have time. I enjoy it, nobody has to twist my arm to go. I work hard to make time for it.

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I do weight lifting at least 4 times a week.

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Any exercise I get is due to just doing things (hiking, walks, playing basketball with my kids, etc). I have never been able to stick with official exercise routines (gym, running, etc) for more than a couple of months. But many people I know actually like exercising, and it’s not a chore.

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@hmmmmmm I don’t like gyms—they’re a chore to me. I’ve joined and let my membership lapse to several. I got a deal at 24 hr fitness recently so I’m going to that. It’s relatively close to my house and the facilities are pretty large. The exercise I enjoy doing is hiking and skiing, but I can’t do that all the time, obviously. But I’m 55 now, and I realize that if I don’t work at it I’m going to lose strength.

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I hate gyms as well. If it were not for active hobbies I’d be about 300 pounds.

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