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What personally offended you?

Asked by JLeslie (65512points) October 4th, 2019 from iPhone

When I say personally I mean you specifically, or a group you are a part of. If someone said something horrible about Asian people that you find offensive, but you are not Asian, then that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m not looking for just racism, that was just an example, it could be anything.

It can be something said in your personal life, or something said out in the media or the world.

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Nothing. I’m not a wimp. I don’t mean any offense to you if you were offended recently but seriously I’m an adult. I can take anything dished at me.

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When someone says “Have a blessed day”. I probably hear that three times a week.

1) I’m not a believer. And particularly not in whatever Christian sect that the person is part of when he/she is saying that. Why do I wanted to be tainted by their tribal mumbo-jumbo?

2) I don’t want their blessing. I usually don’t want their friendship. What I want is to finish the transaction (pay at the cash register, pick up the dry cleaning, whatever).

3) Who is that person to be asking for my blessing in the first place? My agent? Puhleeeez.

I would be perfectly happy with “Have a nice day” – that leaves the religious crap out of it. But being involuntarily blessed by something I don’t believe – that’s offensive and intrusive.

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Pineapple on pizza. Fucking delicious. I don’t care if you don’t like it, I hate mushrooms. But don’t act like it is war crime for liking some pineapple on my pizza. Assholes

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@johnpowell I’m with you. Pineapple on pizza is fine

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Pineapple on pizza is blasphemy.

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I try not to get offended.It does not mean people haven’t tried though.Lol I try to see it as a shortcut to learning what makes someone tick-both ways.
I do not tolerate people saying anything negative about my loved ones as well as I could,I suppose.

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Only one occasion springs to mind; a long, long time ago, someone very close to me called me a wimp, a fairy, a weakling (it was one Dutch word that sort of translates to those three words mentioned) when I was trying to stop another family member from walking out the house (those two were in a huge quarrel).
That then hurt me very much, to the core.
Much later I understood that it was said in the heat of the moment and I ‘forgave’ that person.
No biggy.

For the rest, I could be triggered rather fast, but usually I needed only minutes to see that it’s not a big deal.
I get less and less triggered nowadays.

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Just yesterday two people. One was a woman who left her plastic soda cup on a bench she was sitting on before boarding the bus. Second was a guy who got off the bus and
intentionally dropped his empty soda bottle on the ground then walked away.

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@JLeslie I AM SO OFFENDED!!! Pineapple pizza is da bomb!

When I owned the mower shop we had this one male chauvinist customer who whole heartedly believed that a women does not belong in a man’s world. If he came in and saw me in back working on a piece of equipment, or sharpening a chain, he’d literally come back there, take me by the arm and pull me out of the shop and put me behind the register where I “belonged” while telling me “That is no place for a woman. You don’t know what you’re doing, either.”
Of course I found it offensive.
Of course I quietly got even.
I told my mechanics (one was Rick :) that all minor work on that jerk’s equipment, like tune ups, oil changes, carb kits, etc. are MINE!
We’d all snicker behind his back when he came in gushing at the guys about what a fantastic job they do on his stuff.

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When people stop to laugh at my pink leg warmers while out on my run, doesn’t unduly bother me as I know I rock the shit out of that look.
However, when they then giggle at my lycra knickers, well that takes the bloody biscuit…how very dare they.

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What offends me is being called names on the internet based on one PART of my political beliefs, taken out of context.

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Also, I was personally offended every time some guy pinched my butt or copped a feel, or made some lewd sexual comment about my body.

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@KNOWITALL we can only be really offended by those close to us, because their opinion, their love, counts.
Ignore these narrow minded, pig ignorant nobodies…they don’t matter :-)

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I disagree @ucme. Being offended has nothing to do with whether someone loves you or not. Total strangers can easily give offense.

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Being offended (or not), in my opinion, is purely personal.

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@Dutchess_III If that is genuinely your way of thinking then it is entirely your own failing.
It’s okay to disagree though, just as long as in the end you know i’m right! :D

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@ucme – This sums it up for me-“He who takes offense when offense was not intended is a fool, yet he who takes offense when offense is intended is an even greater fool for he has succumbed to the will of his adversary.”- Brigham Young

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What @ucme? I state that total strangers can give offense, like grabbing my ass when I walk by, and that’s MY failing?

People I love have offended me too. It pissed me off, but it also hurt in a way that a total stranger couldn’t make me hurt.

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@lucillelucillelucille All present & correct <clicks heels>

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@ucme Oh I know, mon petit chou, although if you called me an arse-hat for a comment you misinterpreted, it would still be hurtful. See what I mean? #onlinefriendsmatter

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@KNOWITALL I would never call you an arse hat pet, well maybe in jest :D
<feverishly checks out French translation>

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@ucme HAHAHA! It’s my little cabbage, a French endearment I’ve loved since my first French class in sophomore year…lol

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@KNOWITALL Haha, cool…i’ve been called far worse ;-}

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Rude people. I just ignore them, best way to get under someone’s skin.

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I thought I would answer my own question.

Many things have been said to me that are offensive, but I don’t easily get offended, if that makes sense. I’ve had people say antisemític things, and offensive things about women, northerners, New Yorkers, the list goes on, but typically I let it all slide and chalk it up to the person being ignorant, and not hateful.

The one thing that really offends me is people who imply or literally say that Democrats don’t love America or aren’t patriotic. Fuck that. I saw this starting back in the Bush day’s. Republicans saying Democrats who did support the Iraq, that those Democrats didn’t support our troops. A disgusting leap in thought process. Or, that somehow it was unAmerican.

Just a couple days ago a friend who went to be in the crowds that gathered for Trump here where I live wrote on Facebook that she was happy to be there surrounded by others who love America. Really truly offends me.

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Offended is such a narrow term. There is a difference between offended and annoyed. Mostly I get annoyed, not offended.

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