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What will the weather be like in Boston and southern New Hampshire in early November?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32473points) October 8th, 2019

I will be visiting part of New England in early November. What’s the weather like then? Specifically, I will be in Boston and Keene, NH.

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This is from The Old Farmer’s Almanac:

Dates Weather Conditions
Nov 1–3 Sunny, cool
Nov 4–7 Rainy, mild
Nov 8–12 Snow showers, then sunny, mild
Nov 13–16 Rain to snow, then sunny, cold
Nov 17–25 Snowstorm, then flurries, cold

I have been in New England in November, and it is a gamble. it can be a beautiful warm (75 degree) sunny fall day, and then frost at night. After November 3 (when the time changes) it will get dark around 4:30 p.m.

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Oh, Jake, it’s a crap shoot. Later in November it gets pretty Dickensian. We’ll just all wish for sunny and pleasant!

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Totally autumn. Maybe 40 to 50. Maybe colder.

Freezing at night.

Maybe flurries. Dress in layers. Corduroy, packable down, warm socks. Scarf and gloves.

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I remember having a foot of snow on November 1st.

Bring plenty of layers, skip the rubba slippahs. ;>)

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I remember going to Vermont at the end of October once and it was totally frigid. Windy and frigid. That was southern VT, too.

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Either 6 inches of snow or 80 degrees and humid.

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@jca2 is on the nose, under usual circumstances. That said, our weather is unpredictable. As they say, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute.”

Dressing in layers is key. I usually have on a colored tee-shirt, then a pull over or zip up sweater, then a coat with a zip out liner. This gives me four possible levels of warmth depending on the day from mid October through January. I also keep a scarf and gloves shoved into my coat pockets.

And hey, I work about 30-minutes from Keene and live 30-minutes from Boston. If you at all free fellow Jelly…

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We just stayed in Quincy last weekend, @cookieman. We have a great hotel we like. We were there two nights. Two nights we stayed at the same place in July, also.

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^ Very nice.

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