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Would you want to know if you had half brothers and / or sisters out there that you didn't know about?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40520points) 5 days ago

I would. I think it would be cool. Really super cool if I had a brother out there, because I never had one.

Would you like it? Why or why not?

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Sure, as long as they aren’t terrible. ;-)

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I met a “half-sister” as an adult. It was difficult and painful. It’s been years and we still don’t really know how to have a relationship. I don’t think anything about it is cool (although I hope for you that it would be). It mostly dredges up traumas and insecurities for us.

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Oh I’m so sorry @Cupcake. I suppose the situation surrounding how the half sibs came to be could be difficult.
My Dad was married before he married Mom. They had just graduated high school. Her name was…...Trixie. They were only married 6 months. No kids that I know of.

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@Dutchess_III It has nothing with “how they came to be” and a lot to do with our mutual dad being a difficult person (how disappointing for her to find that out! and for me to have grown up with!) and for the dysfunction surrounding her not ever knowing who her biological dad was. And then there are just weird little things like I’m not my dad’s only daughter any more and how does inheritance work now? And how do have a relationship with a sister you have almost no experience with who is difficult to get along with? I’m much closer with my much younger adopted sister… so what is “family”? What is “biology”? And all of her grief about being lied to and seeking and finding a dad who is disappointing.

It just raises insecurities and lots of big questions.

sorry for my stream of consciousness there

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I am so sorry. And blow steam any time you want. Thank you for sharing.

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I just think it’s made out to be this great experience. And I’m sure it is for some people. But it’s very difficult and complicated for us.

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No. No interest at all. One of the reasons I don’t want an DNA test.

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I have no desire to find my half brother and sister.

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I’m the oldest and the opposite position of @cupcake. Two sisters and one brother raised by my bio dad. Its so hard. We dont even try anymore.

So the answer is still yes, I’d like to know if more are out there. That kind of sibling love sounds blissful to an only child.

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I have a half-brother I’ve never met. (Before my mother married my father, she had a child and gave him up for adoption.) I know who he is and where he lives, but I’ve never tried to establish contact. I guess I’m too fearful that reaching out might go badly.

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Nope. Could care less.

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@LoveMyDoggie Could be amazing, too, though. Do you have other sibs?

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I think my desire comes from having such a sad relationship with my sisters.

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@KNOWITALL I have a younger (8 years) brother, who’s my best friend. We live on opposite sides of the country, but we’re in touch several times every day.

I don’t know…amazing, but maybe not. I guess I’m just a coward.

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@Love my doggie No, its kind of a crap shoot, you’re right. Mine brought more pain than joy for sure. Maybe sometimes its better not to know.

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