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Why don’t people properly train their dogs?

Asked by josie (30931points) October 8th, 2019

Dogs evolved to please humans in exchange for food and shelter

Most people like well behaved, well trained, domesticated dogs

Most people do NOT like dogs who are poorly behaved-who jump on you, sniff your crotch or beg for food.

Thus, a poorly trained dog is is often dismissed or disliked by many people and therefore deprived of the the the thing it wants most-affection from a human. It’s not right and not fair to the dog.

Why would any empathetic human being “set up” a dog to be disliked?

I just don’t get it.

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Because they have no idea how to train their dog or their children.

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You We can’t even keep the presidents societal leaders hands to himself themselves let alone a dog. You would think that humans would be trainable by now?
Is it time to call Cesar Millan to train political hopefuls?

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Why don’t people properly train their children as well?
They want the pet,or child and don’t want to do the work that goes along with it,I don’t get it either.

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They look at them as a mere object,rather than a living breathing thing that needs guidance & interaction.
I’d recommend a basic obedience class for anyone with a dog.We trained our other dogs on our own but the most recent dog we took to a class run by the breeder.
It was a lot of fun and very funny at times :)

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Gosh. So many reasons. They see puppy behavior and lable it “cute,” and encourage it. They can’t project 6 months into the future when it won’t be “cute.”
They do the same thing with their kids.
They think that snarling in anger at their dog shows dominance. That just makes for angry dogs.
They feed the dog off of their plate, by hand, and think it’s a bonding thing….then get enraged when the dog starts begging.
I could go on and on (because I’m living with it, actually) but they just cant see beyond the moment.

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Some people don’t even feed their dogs, or take the dog for walks, or play with the dog, or pet it. They chain it up and neglect it. There are different types of dog owners who have their pets for different reasons. Some might not have time, or care, or think it’s important to have a trained dog. Some may feel the dog has the right to live the way it wants to live (free will) without being trained. Many possible reasons.

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Yeah. People don’t know how to train their dogs…Or don’t care…

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In my experience as a dog trainer, I have learned that most people do care, at least to the extent that they are frequently annoyed by their untrained dog.

They try all sorts of different things, but there are three problems:

1) The dog owners are inconsistent because they’re unsure what could work. For example, they try treat training for a few weeks, but then watch a TV show urging them to attack their dog to “establish dominance”. So they do, erasing the trust they had started to build. This also happens when dogs interact with different people who have opposing views on dog training.

2) They miss the cause of their dog’s behaviour, leading to inapropriate actions. The most common example here is believing a dog is being “deliberately defiant”, when he’s really fearful. Applying any sort of force to a fearful animal is going to make things worse.

3) They consistently do things that simply cannot work. A good example here is punishing a dog for destroying the house hours after the fact. Another is punishing dogs for appeasing behaviour, such as peeing when greeting people. The punished dogs in these cases get more nervous, exacerbating their problems.

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Why don’t people properly train themselves?

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They must be incapable. Barbara Woodhouse once said that it was harder to train the dog owner than the dog.
And people are SO freakin’ LAZY!

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“Lazy” is a good point. The same people who want to sit on their fat asses and scream at their kids, instead of physically getting up and appropriately taking care of the situation, are the same people who have poorly trained dogs.

I have spent some time actually training Cato. As a result, the following situation plays out often: We were getting ready to leave for the day. Cato wanted to come (because the last time we all went out he had a BLAST!!) but he couldn’t. He kept trying to barge his way through as we’re going out the door. Rick kept yelling and yelling at him.
I walked into the kitchen and quietly called him, told him to sit, and told him to “stay” (We haven’t even really worked on stay, either.) He instantly sat and watched us walk out the door. He was so quick to obey I was afraid we were going to come back 4 hours later and he’d still be sitting in the same place! :(
Rick gets frustrated because Cato doesn’t obey him like he obeys me. He just wants Cato to do what he wants him to do…JUST DO IT!!!
He also talks to the dog in full sentences like, “Can you sit?” Cato just looks at him. I’ll call across the room, “Sit!” and he’ll sit instantly. This also pisses Rick off!

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I read somewhere once that unreasonable expectations on the part of the parent is a big cause of child abuse. Some people think that kids should automatically know how to behave and when they don’t, they think they’re doing it willfully.

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Here is a disturbing video showing an example of unreasonable expectations.
Dude was arrested.

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^I’d like to see that guy, in a dark alley…

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