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How do you feel about American companies kowtowing to China's authoritarian demands?

Asked by Demosthenes (7500points) 2 weeks ago

Blizzard, a video game developer, has received backlash after they decided to suspend from a tournament a player from Hong Kong for his support for the uprising in Hong Kong. Blizzard faced pressure from China to do so.

They are not the only company that bends to China’s authoritarian demands given how large the Chinese market is.

It’s understandable from an economic point of view, maybe not so much from a moral/ethical one.

What are your thoughts?

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China, is a giant. They will bend/break laws, for their own benefits. The world, doesn’t really hold them accountable for anything.
Look at the South China Sea expansion. Who, is challenging them? Not really anyone…

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Not only is it understandable, it is certainly as predictable an outcome as the influence of gravity on a falling rock.

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“Let others keep their reputation. You keep their money.” – Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #189

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Shameful. It means that American companies are prostituting themselves and embarrassingly giving up any sense of identity and honor.

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China’s first priority is to maintain order within its borders and it will always clamp down on anything that threatens its stability. That is something that anyone doing business in China should be aware of.

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