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Is impeaching Trump really about morality and the Constitution and not about politics?

Asked by Demosthenes (12763points) October 9th, 2019

I’m hearing more and more from Democrats (including in answers to my previous question on this topic) that they don’t care about the political repercussions of pursuing impeachment of Trump, that is simply the “right thing to do”, this is “country over party”. It’s not political, they say.

Bull. Shit.

You wouldn’t say “country over constituency” would you? Who is the “country” to senators other than the people who voted for them? Republicans are not going to turn on their voters and vote with the morally superior patriotic Democrats. If the shoe were on the other foot, the Democrats would likely not do the same, especially given how tribal our country is now. If you want to flip the senate, you have to flip the voters and that isn’t happening without a viable alternative to Trump within the Republican party.

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No. It’s about them doing their jobs.
Trump is currently refusing, to cooperate, with his impeachment. Basically, making the case, that he (or his lawyers ,) know that Trump broke the law…

This is unraveling, as a many letigious things do. Trump will try to sling this along, as much as is possible.

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Of course it’s about both. But the Republicans are in a spot. They are compelled to defend a man who is the ethical equivalent of sewage, and as has been more than amply demonstrated by those surrounding the man, there is no wading to the defense of such a creature that will avoid the rescuers being smeared with the offal in which the man has mired himself.

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Morality? The Dems would be the last place any right leaning person goes to about morality. Its purely another political move that will backfire because they refuse to actually listen to voters. The number of minorities for Trump should be a huge clue that this strategy is not viable.

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^Disagree. And polls show the same… People think Trump should be impeached. As you know, that doesn’t mean he will be removed . But it is finally time, to examine what is going on.

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Were it purely about politics, Pelosi would have started impeachment right after the Müller report laid out Drumpf’s multiple instances of obstruction of justice.
After the whistleblower complaint, which as you may remember, was deemed credible and urgent by the IC Inspector General, and was found to be very accurate after the WH released their memorandum of the phone call, they simply had no other choice but to start the proceedings.

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The Dems knew that an impeachment inquiry was and is a political risk. That’s why Pelosi held out so long. But at this point, as loli said, there was an even clearer breach of the Constitution and they saw they had little choice whatever the political fall-out.

With Trump’s refusal to cooperate, we really are seeing a breakdown in the system set up of checks and balances between the three parts of government and I’m not sure where it will end.

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It is part of our system of checks and balances. Absolutely necessary.

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The Dems are doing the right thing in whichever political spectrum you view them at. That is not Bull. Shit.

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No. It’s a coup.

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@lucillelucillelucille It’s an attempt to undo the 2016 election, if anything. Which has been the aim of Democrats ever since the election. They just didn’t have a good enough justification to begin the inquiry until the Ukraine debacle. Presidents certainly have been impeached for less but that just illustrates that impeachment is more political than it should be.

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It’s about saving our asses from a deranged madman.

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@KNOWITALL check your facts before you speak. Do a little research.

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A “coup”.
Calling this a coup is like Hitler complaining about the Soviets fighting back after he commenced Operation Barbarossa.

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@KNOWITALL Is just quoting Trump’s anti-Constitution lawyers. The gist of the lawyers for Trump is the President doesn’t have to follow the Constitution and the rights of the Legislative branch of the government.

Trump, “I’m the dictator and don’t have do anything for anyone I don’t want to, waa waa waa”, kicking his feet and thrashing about !

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@Dutchess_III I have, I just don’t bother to argue with people who believe their own ‘facts’.
There are tons of minority fb groups as well as websites with thousands of members.

@Tropical_Willie Please don’t speak for me, that’s false information.

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We explain to you right wingers over and over and over again that we libtards use neutral news sites to get our facts from, while you guys proudly trumpet that you use obscure sites that lean far right to get your facts from. You guys simply can not separate your own behavior from the behavior of other people. I think it’s called projecting.
Gallup Poll.

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@Dutchess_III Bad mood today? That has nothing to do with me. I don’t use words like libtard and I’ve never claimed to be a ‘rightwinger’.

If you truly believe there are no minority groups for Trump, so be it, matters not to me. :D

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@ragingloli He won by 77,000 votes without minority votes (for the most part) in 2016. If I were a Dem, I’d be very interested in the numbers.

@Dutchess_III You have Google and Facebook, it’s easy to find.

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Asking a head of state to investigate a political opponent can never be right especially while you are withholding money from them.

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I did look and I posted the results, at least for African Americans, @KNOWITALL. I can’t find anything specific on any other specific demographic. At least not from any reputable site.

If you think the majority is important then it should interest you that the majority of Americans support impeachment of the village idiot.

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@Dutchess_III Sure, that’s why I didn’t want to get into it because the ongoing arguments here about which is ‘reputable’ or not.

Fact is that they exist and according to the numbers on many of the Facebook pages, the numbers are over 77k. Here’s another

Just like I said with Bill Clinton, go for it and good luck!

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Do you honestly not know the difference between a source that has an agenda, like Latinos for Trump, and a site that is interested in reporting the actual facts, like the Gallup Poll? Do you honestly not understand?

And out of 59 million Latinos, you think 77,000 is a huge number?

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And how many of those 77k are actually real people, and not bots?
If we go by twitter numbers, according to some sources, over 60% of those are bots.

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NBC news, Black and Latino Americans think Donald Trump’s actions have made life worse for people of color.

And the Asians just love him, especially when he mocks their accentBerg, a registered Democrat, is among a growing and crucial bloc of Asian American voters leaning further to the left in the age of Trump, and his stunt, reported by the New York Post, angered her and many others.”

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@Dutchess_III @ragingloli Then you have nothing to worry about….lol

And gallup polls picked Hillary as the 2016 winner, so no, I don’t take their numbers as gospel.

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The Gallup poll doesn’t predict anything. It just reports the numbers. The fact is, the majority of American’s were for Hillary. That is all the Gallup poll reflected.

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Cheap politics at that

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Someone has been drinking some Coup-Aid.

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