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Is the large lady out of Mama's & Papa's still alive?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 10th, 2019

Coz I do hope so then I could give her a great big mama bear hug…she’s lovely & i’m betting she cooks a mean roast.

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Cass Elliot died in 1974.
Huge loss.

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The story going round about it was that she choked on a ham sandwich but not sure if that was true. They were a great band with wonderful harmonies. Lots of sad follow up stories though.

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Aww, that is sad.
I don’t know a great deal about her but she looks so joyous & nice in those old videos, talented lady too.

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@ucme That’s Mama Cass, yep she dead, heart failure. Probably heroin, she admitted using. But yes, terrific voice!

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@KNOWITALL I only know of CalifornIa Dreamin as that kinda music ain’t usually my bag…baby :D
I also love me a bit of Nancy Sinatra Boots are Made for Walking is just too cool for school.

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@lucillelucillelucille Hey cheers for that it’s gorgeous, a proper singing voice & like I say, I bet she was just a sweetheart bless her.

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@ucme -She did have a nice voice :)

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I have a collection of DVDs of the old show called Midnight Special. There is one with her doing a song with John Denver. They paired nicely. I’ll see if YT has it.

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I was just going to post “Dream a Little Dream of Me” but I see I was beaten to the post. It’s a lovely song.

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@ucme I love both of those songs you mentioned.

Here’s her first performance after the break up of the band.

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I love this thread, an unexpected homage to her, good stuff gang :)

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I loved mama, but the rest of the group seemed like they were being dragged in to sing. The tall skinny freaklooking man is father of Mackenzie Phillips, actress. He has a sex life with his daughter which she thought was okay, she said it was love. That kind of ruined the group for me.
I loved mama though, and was sad when she passed.

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Like many talented performers, Mama Cass had her own set of demons. Here is a supposedly true story of her life. Some of it is really sad; but at the same time, made me love her more

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Mama Cass has been gone a long, long time. She had a beautiful voice. Peter,Paul and Mary gave them an honorable.mention in one of their songs.

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