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Is Trump worse than Nixon?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41102points) 1 month ago

I think he is. Nixon cheated and he lied, but as far as I know he never actively endangered the USA the way Trump is doing.
Isn’t there some protocol for addressing this unbelievable thing that is happening?

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Well, he had an actual job before becoming president.
Did not have bone spurs.
Ended the Vietnam war.
Established diplomatic relations with China.
Created the EPA.
Had the good sense to resign before impeachment.

So yeah. Drumpf is worse by any and all measures.

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How quickly we forget Bush V.2.

- Lied to get into Iraq
– Torture n’ stuff
– Karl Rove
– Used gay marriage as a wedge in 2004
– Katrina
– Valarie Plame

I could go on..

But hey, paint some pictures of your feet and Ellen will give you a handi at a ballgame. So adorable. Yeah.. Bush was worse than Nixon. Trump is horrible, but not as bad 43.

Amazing how Republicans manage to pull out worse and worse people. Are the Republicans going to nominate Nickleback in 2024?

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Not after they DMCA’d Drumpf for illegaly using one of their songs.

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That leaves us with Kid Rock.

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Bush II was also a puppet. He didn’t think for himself. He just did what other people told him to do. But the people telling him what to do were Americans.

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Trump is the worst president there ever was. He is totally flouting the Constitution and the rule of law.

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And seems to be getting away with it…. >_<

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Trump is the bigliest worst. Worse than the wettest hurricane.

Been waiting for the useless outrage over who Ellen sat with at a football game. I knew Fluther wouldn’t disappoint me.

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Oh, yes! There is no comparison!

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G.W.Bush was worse than Nixon.
Trump is worse than Bush.

Even during the heat of Watergate, Nixon was working with the House to accomplish good things, and he obeyed court decisions. Trump is burning the nation down.

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Agreed @filmfann.
But Bush was just dumb, not a greedy, lying, maniacal idiot.

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Of the 45 US presidents there have been so far Trump is the worst.

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Trump is a greater threat to democracy than Nixon ever was. Trump thinks he can get away with pretty much anything. He speaks of the news media as “the enemy”. Trump is also a disgrace to the presidency in the general way he behaves, as evidenced by his elementary school vocabulary, constant lying and false accusations, and misogyny and racism.

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Yeah, compared to Trump or Bush, I’d greatly prefer Nixon, especially if he was still strong on environmental protection, which is my top issue.

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Bottom line up front:
Nixon was worse than Trump.

Yet Nixon had style.

Trump has confusion and distraction and no tact (not an impeachable offense).

Nixon likely engaged in a wiretapping crime and tried to cover it up.

Democrat leaders have yet to list Trumps impeachable crimes after investigating for nearly 3 years.

Trump gets credit for a good economy, very low unemployment and a raging bull stock market.

Of course a lot of people hate Trump for beating Clinton ( probably not an impeachable offense)

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Of course we don’t “hate Trump for beating Clinton.” What kind of nonsense is that? We hate Trump because he’s a fucking careless idiot who has NO idea what he’s doing and people are dying because of it.
Did you know there is a lot of sand in Syria? A lot of sand for them to play with.
Did you know Puerto Rico is an island surrounded by water? Most people don’t know that.

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Yeah. Edogan threw it in the trash.

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Trump’s actions with Ukraine were ‘profoundly stupid’ and beyond anything any president has ever done, historians and veteran diplomats saySource Of course, his supporters know so much more than any historian or veteran diplomat.

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