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How often do you engage in introspection?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) October 18th, 2019

Do you look inward much?
What usually motivates you to do so,if you do?

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I will, mostly if I have a conflict with someone or some feelings which are not logical, and I’m trying to figure them out. I realize a lot of things about myself, like how aging is affecting me (I’m in my mid-50’s).

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@jca2 It can be a strange awakening, not always bad though.

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Probably too often to be healthy. I think it must be one of those particular penalties of old age. It troubles me that I seem unable to restrict the inordinate amount of time I spend dwelling on my “mistakes”. The other great upset is in the apparently staggering number of boo boos that drift up for my attention. I think of myself as a very busy person, but it appears I may be in need of a hobby.

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@stanleybmanly -I don’t know that it is such a bad thing to go over one’s mistakes.You know,improvements and all.

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Quite often. Maybe too much. I’m very hard on myself. So, it’s like I’m getting scolded, all the time.

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@MrGrimm888 -Disguise your inner voice next time to a kinder,gentler one :)
I don’t think it necessarily has to be a bad thing. After all, we all make mistakes.

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I’ve been in therapy for 33 years. I do it often. I’ve learned to think about myself a lot.

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Allll the time. My mind is just made that way I guess. It honestly gets pretty annoying.

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As often as I notice there’s something worth looking at. It’s part of many different traditions of healthy well-being I’ve studied. Meditation in various ways and traditions, Feldenkrais, holistic peer couseling, etc. etc.

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@Hawaii_Jake – :)
@anniereborn -Sometimes the changes are worth it.:)
@Zaku -I love to meditate.

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All The Time

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Let me think about it.

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Pretty much every day and usually a couple times a day. It is how I evaluate how big an asshole I am.

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@seawulf575 I too, have done such evaluations. :)

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