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What was the most recent song you can recall singing to yourself?

Asked by ucme (48213points) 1 month ago

Alone, in the car maybe or just chilling around the house.
Also, did you know all of the lyrics or just the chorus?

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This one:
I sang this a few minutes ago to my husband who doesn’t seem to mind that I made up some lyrics.

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Right now it’s this throwback from the 80’s:

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What a strange coincidence. I woke up this morning with Brenda Holloway’s version of “When I’m Gone” from back in the 60s. I swear I haven’t heard or thought about the song in 50 years that I can remember, but the tune dances through my head now & I can’t shake it. “What are you gonna do when I’m gone? Whose shoulder are you gonna cry on? What are you gonna do on the day when I turn my head and just—walk away?

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The “Schwamm DrĂ¼ber Blues” by Otto Waalkes.

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Thank you everybody peeps.
Today I sang Happy Talk from South Pacific, out loud, complete with hand actions.
No fucking clue why, came out of nowhere.

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Sailing, Christopher Cross

I heard it last night and I’m still humming it.

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