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How do i deal with this?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) August 28th, 2008

i was talking to a friend earlier today, and she asks me if i liked her in a special way. i admitted that i did like her, and i got rejected. 10 minutes later i realized that i was using her to mask my feelings for someone else.

30 minutes after i finished talking to girl #1, girl #2, who is an extremely close friend and the girl who i really love and was hiding behind the mask, asks me if i like her. she has a boyfriend who she just got together with. she says that she really loves him and that she really wants to be with him. i admitted that i do like her, and now im not sure how to deal with the fact that she knows i like her (we’re extremely close friends (before the confession)).

im also really depressed that i got rejected twice in half an hour. they both said “theres someone out there for you” but i feel even worse because it feels like they have to prove something that doesnt need proof, which makes it feel that it does need proof. (to summarize: i know i will find someone someday, so why do they need to reassure me).

now i feel like absolute crap and i started school this week and im stressed because of that and this is added to the load. how do i cope?

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obviously the two girls talked about this that’s why they asked the same question and answered the same thing. with girls, they like to play games so if she finds out u like her, she’ll pretend like she doesn’t like you but really she does.

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these girls have nothing in common. they never met.

this is not a very fun “game”.

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But you said their close to eachither

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the wording was wrong. i am extremely close friends with girl#2. the two of them never even heard each others names.

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:::scratching head.

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No one is gonna be able to tell you how to cope. It’s something you gotta figure out. You just gotta keep a positive attitude. I know it sucks. Trust me. I was with the same girl for 5 years (engaged to be married) – 2 of which I was in the Marines for during this current war – and after 5 years she decided she’d found someone else – whom she also had cheated on me with. 6 months later I found my wife and I never looked back.

I would try to find a focus. School is always good because it’s something that will further you in life. If that doesn’t work. Try fluther. I know that helping people on here gives me a warm fuzzy so try that. You have to find your own niche though. I draw and twitter my frustrations and then turn them into comics. That’s my thing. What do you enjoy?

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Don’t even worry about it, just give it some time. You’ll meet lots of new girls at school. Be flirty and look around, im sure you’ll find someone you like. Let the girl go, by saying whatever she said, she meant she doesnt see you as a potential boyfriend, which is okay. At least you tried.

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The thing that I find the oddest about this whole thing is the girls asking you if you liked them. Especially if they don’t like you in that way.

My advice would be to be careful about answering that question. You might respond, “Why do you ask? Do you like me?” If they say yes, great. if they say no, then don’t tell them. You can at least save face and not have to worry about having been exposed if the gril is also a friend.

Hope for the future: very soon you and the girls will be old enough not to play games like this. Being straightforward will be valued.

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