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How important will biomimetics be for future researches regarding cancer?

Asked by BAMR09 (4points) 1 month ago

I have read that biomimetics are gainig popularity among reaserchers because nature provides solutions to issues that our society faces. In particular, I have seen many articles that describe how biomimetics and other fields of science, like nanotechnology for example, are interesting approaches for finding cures for cancer. However, most of the experiments that have been made are too expensive for considering them as actual options for curing cancer. I would like to know if this field will actually be useful or if other approaches must be made.

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Probably useful. But it is too early in 2019 to be sure. Right now there is a lot of theory (and a fair amount of dreaming), but the field itself is too new.

The questions will be: can the different fields (biology, technology, chemistry, physics) all come together and develop applications and cures in a successful way. And even if they get the theory right, will it be cost effective.

So the real answer is: Possibly. Probably. But it is way too early to be sure.

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