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What finally got you to start living a healthier lifestyle?

Asked by JLeslie (57859points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

Quit smoking.

Eat better.


Less stress.

What was the change you made, and what was the final straw that gave you the commitment to make the change?

As you all know I lost a close friend about a year ago, she was 51, and we lost Auggie, also 51, and a zumba friend where I live suddenly lost her husband a few months ago, he was 58, and past work friend lost her very best friend at age 50 also a few months ago, and now another past coworker suddenly lost her husband, he was 50, and another of my past work friends was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 4 a few years ago early 50’s. I mean WTF? It sucks. I’m not completely shocked or surprised, I’ve always known people can get sick and die young, but it’s just all around me right now.

I feel like it’s a sign to live healthier. I already know I should be doing it anyway.

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I used to smoke and quit that cold turkey as I didn’t like the hold it had on me.I think this was in 2004.
I started to work out regularly around the age of 29 when I noticed it was harder to stay in shape with no effort whatsoever. Lol
I have my moments of going off my diet plan but I always get back on it. I just feel/look better.

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I started this healthier life habits very early after observing the effects of drinking on my older siblings and late father had.
That’s when I got into Aerobic instructor training in order to be fit for a Career in the Police forces, although all that fell through when the economy tanked and hiring freezes were the results for three years.

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The decision to make tiny humans.

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A diagnosis of high blood pressure.

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I quit smoking cold turkey in 1988. I went on a bicycle ride, and each time I went up a hill I waned to vomit from my lungs, but then after the ride the first thing I did was smoke a cigarette. I finished the pack and that was it.

I started exercising and losing weight 7 years ago when we had a health fair at work for open enrollment. My numbers all came back so bad, I was told if they were the same in a year I would officially be labeled “pre-diabetic”

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I am so vain… I couldn’t stand how I looked in pictures anymore. On top of that I was starting to get embarrassed for my husband to see me naked. The final straw though was that I couldn’t wear the types clothes I used to wear. I was so young and mortified that I couldn’t wear a crop top or mini skirts and look good.

I also just wanted to feel fit. I didn’t like knowing I couldn’t run from something or pull my weight up if I were in trouble ::for some reason:: I just wanted to be lean and fit.

Aside from vanity, I think we’ve talked about it before but my friend died young of cancer and that motivated me to quit smoking and eat healthier.

I’m sorry to hear about the losses around you. It’s so sad. :(

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