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What do you consider worth splurging for?

Asked by raum (6104points) 4 weeks ago from iPhone

What is well worth the extra money to you?

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Buy well-made.Take care of them too! Ya hear!?

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A decent hotel. It doesn’t have to be the Ritz, but it’s worth it to me go get a suite at a Residence Inn rather than an Extended Stay, or to book at a Fairfield Inn rather than a Quality Inn. Sometimes I splurge on much higher end, If I can do it on free points.

I’ll splurge on a restaurant meal if I love the meal.

Bras. A good Wacoal $60 bra really is better and lasts for years.

For my husband we splurge on expensive shoes. He developed plantars fasciitis and now quality shoes with arch support are like taking the right medication for an illness. Worth every penny.

About 2–3 times a year I splurge on getting my nails done.

Make-up. I tend to buy expensive make-up. Not the really astronomical prices stuff, but I spend $50 on mascara, and I spend $25 on lipsticks. More or less anyway. I’m not a hoarder about it though, I don’t buy tons and tons of it. Some items I buy drug store brands that are relatively inexpensive.

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Tools is the RIGHT answer straight up! But that includes appliances, and other “durable goods”. Things like mattresses or synthetic oil for your car. The trick is in determining what truly is worth the extra money. I actually know people who will needlessly fill their tanks with premium gasoline while their vehicles are designed to function on octane levels of 87–89.

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Ample footroom and legroom on a long flight.

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Penis reduction surgery, tying the bloody thing to my leg is getting ridiculous now.

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I will pay up for decent seats at an event. I bought tickets to a Broadway musical a couple days ago, paid $20 extra for mezzanine second row rather than 18th row orchestra.

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Business class on a train.
Going to a decent (expensive, new) movie theater for some big movie I want to see.
(like the new Star Wars movie coming up )

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Date nights, stuff for the dogs, perfume and shoes are my splurges.

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@KNOWITALL Perfume & shoes, spoken like a true woman :)

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@ucme My lovely gma always took me shopping and it was head to toe every time. Its all her fault!

Sorry to hear your freakish member is so much trouble. Maybe make some movies to pay for the surgery? Haha

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Beautiful dental crowns, eight, on top.

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@KNOWITALL Haha, no that was just me being daft lol

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@KNOWITALL You’ve been out of circulation too long. You are either too polite or resident in a convent if you’re willing to grant credulity to a man bragging on the extent of his equipment!

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Airline seats.

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@stan Nah, but its fun to tease when they do. @Ucme’s just a clever little imp.

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@stan Thats what his wife and maid said lol. Jkjkjk

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Hey, calm yourself woman, we shall have none of this nonsense :D

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@stantheman It was self deprecating nuanced humour, behave yourself or risk being labelled a self righteous fuddy duddy.

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High speed internet.

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I took it as such, and I’m fairly sure everyone else considered it so. Isn’t “little?” In the same vein?

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Airline seats with extra leg room. I’m very tall.

Along with long legs, I have extra extra long arms and will pay high prices for anything with long sleeves that genuinely fit. A size that says “long” is not long enough for me. I was in Saks Off Fifth a few weeks ago and found a linen jacket that really and truly fit me. The only thing I could imagine was that since it was a very casual jacket, they meant the wearer to roll up the sleeves. Since this was at the reduced price outlet, it was priced at a 70% savings off the original price. I bought it after thinking about it for some time and looking at myself good and hard in the mirror.

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This month I splurged on extra extra tall clothes from Walmart and From George Richards big and tall mens clothing. I am grateful to have clothes that fit for a 6’5” 260 lbs. man.

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@RedDeer Yay, you deserved that! Bet you look spiffy.

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@KNOWITALL Yes. my sweater was nice and comfortable, and fits perfectly. Will see if It keeps me warm in this winter, and if so will save for more.

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Good cheese and good whiskey.

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We get the kids overnight sometimes and it’s worth it to me when we splurge on pizza and ice cream and what ever crap we decide to feed them!

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