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If in the middle of an argument you find out that you are wrong, what will you do?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (30438points) 2 weeks ago

Run off? Admit defeat? Acquiesce? Slap them? Never give up? Give them a big kiss and tell them you were wrong? Keep going? Apoloize? What do you doooooo?

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This just happened to me yesterday. A friend has a bunny and she said she was brushing its hair. I said you weren’t supposed to. Back and forth about it until I looked it up. Apparently you are supposed to brush them 3 times a week. I just said oops I’m wrong. First time this year.

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@chyna -That’s not a bad record, considering what time of year it is. :D
My sister called the other day and said, “I’m open to your apology.” Lol!

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I change my mind and say so. You know, like an adult.

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@SavoirFaire -I find your answer most refreshing! :)

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Kill them…

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I have no interest in winning an argument if I am wrong.
If I realize I am wrong, I acknowledge it.

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Quote Arnold Schwarzenegger and then kill them.

Whoops. Wrong question.

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@filmfann – People especially love it when you acknowledge it with a song. XD

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Monkey sounds while slowly backing off pointing at them as I go.

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I’d pretty much say “awww crap, I got this wrong”

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@ucme- What if you’re not talking to a monkey?
@anniereborn -Been there. Lol

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I will have won, because I will have learnt something.

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I angrily call them a liar and denounce anything that contradicts me as “fake news”.

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On giving it further consideration I think that you may be right.
Thanks for that view.

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@Darth__Algar….Donald? Is that you?

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To argue that I was right, I first must be sure that I am correct. I won’t argue a point that I am in doubt about. When found out to be wrong, admit it, and explain why my position on the subject was what it was.

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What else is there?
Just say Oh – you’re right

Then find something else to argue about

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I typically concede.

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@josie -There is always refusing to admit one is wrong…

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“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”- John Adams

If the argument proves you are wrong how can you deny it.

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@josie -Yet… that happens.

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The argument would need some solid facts to prove that it is right and I am wrong.
I was in a discussion once and I stated facts that I knew were true but the person I was discussing with had his own set of facts that truthfully countered what my facts were. So who can say who’s facts are true? No point in making denials until more research is done!

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I say some version of “Oh wait! You’re right.” This usually rends them speechless, LOL!

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Usually, when in doubt, I remain silent.

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