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What song could make you get up and dance right now?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) October 27th, 2019

Do you even need music??

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Here’s one to start you off if you are unable to come up with one:

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Elvis, Satisfy Me

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@lucille Yep, I get into it haha!

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
It’s a compulsion. Fine in my living room, not so fine in the dentist’s waiting room.

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@canidmajor -I recently asked my dentist ,“Is it safe?” Thankfully, she laughed.

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@josie -You were doing that yesterday,weren’t you?

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All day long

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The theme to The Brady Bunch.

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@ucme -The Gilligan’s Island theme does it for me.

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@lucillelucillelucille You should see me dance to Hawaii Five 0
got the surfing moves & everyfum.

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@ucme -Guests on our boats have sung the Gilligan theme more times than I can count. XD

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I bet you were a regular on Hootenanny & Hee Haw. ;-)

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@Brian1946 – I was talking with someone recently about that show. I wasn’t crazy about it but it did have it’s fans as it seemed like it was on for a long time.
I often wished it was Pbbt! Gone! lol

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My ass is pretty comfy in this chair at the moment, so I am gonna go with none. However if you could change that to chair dancing, there would be way too many to mention.

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Right back to the disco era. I was too young to go to discos, but I grew up with this music.

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@lucillelucillelucille What song could make you get up and dance right now?

I did feel a bit strange dancing.

Till The End Of The Day- The Kinks- 1965

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This song.

Used to be on heavy rotation during college as my exit music. That last song you play right before you leave your apartment.

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@Pinguidchance – :D
@raum -It’s an excellent work out too

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I’d pretty much dance out the door and down several flights of stairs to class. :)

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@raum -Did it stay in your head while in class? That could be troublesome.

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Nope. Ear worms do not make for good exit music.

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@raum-Tell me about it.I have a friend that sent me a CD filled with the same Led Zeppelin song.It stayed in my head alll daaaaaay loooooong.
Why? Because she is mean.

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Man, you must have pissed her off for some reason.

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@raum -I have no doubt.
When someone remembers an obscure comment about a dislike for a certain band & takes it to that level. Yep.
It’s nice to be thought of though… XD

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I can appreciate thoughtful humor with a side of sadism.

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Boogie Shoes, K.C. and the Sunshine Band

Plus 1,000 others.

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Yeah if I had somebody to dance with of course.

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@RabidWolf Wowza, a romantic?!

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