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Electricians, electrical engineers, and people who understand electricity in the home, can you help me find lights that work with my switch?

Asked by gorillapaws (27303points) October 31st, 2019

I’m still in the process of redoing my kitchen. I have a smart dimmer switch (actually I have a bunch) that is compatible with Apple Home. I’m trying to find dimmable LED under-cabinet tape lights that are 4k in color and are compatible with the switch. These support “forward-phase dimming only” for LED’s according to the tech specs.

I reached out to the manufacturer of the switch and they wouldn’t point me to any particular product. To paraphrase the response: “We don’t make specific 3rd party product recommendations, most under cabinet LED lights won’t be compatible, but any light that meets our specs should work.”

Do they make strip lights that will work with this thing or are they fundamentally incompatible? If they don’t, is there some product (like a transformer or some other kind of electrical intermediary) that can sit between the switch and standard, low-voltage dimmable LED strip lights that with make them compatible? Flickering LEDs would be a no-go.

I realize that there are other smart dimmer switches that could work for strip lights, although I’d very much prefer to keep things consistent if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide.

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Did you try going to Lowe’s or your local hardware store. I think you will be able to find something compatible. I was in Home Depot about a year ago, and they had all sorts of new tape lights and very thin strip lighting. Do you have an outlet to plug the lights into? Or, do you need to wire it?

Did you send this to LuckyGuy?

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