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What daily task would be most difficult?

Asked by Vignette (2887points) November 5th, 2019

If you say fell down the stairs and lost all use of your dominant arm/hand what daily task would you have the most trouble with? Or if there is something you are so supremely talented at doing you can do with either hand please share.

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All of them,lately. ;)

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Writing with pen and paper would be hard. I’m good at dagger fighting with both hands.

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I’m right handed.

Some aspects of cooking
Cleaning up from cooking
Most typing
Pouring liquids
Starting the car

would all be difficult

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@lucillelucillelucille Excellent enlightening answer leaves me wanting to know more. Can I ask which meal are you more likely to burn when cooking?

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@Vignette -All of them stand a good chance of being burned to a crisp but I had a salad for dinner so that’s that.

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Putting in contacts, typing, fluther via phone.

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@lucillelucillelucille So I should not expect edible deep fried Kale if I came to dinner?

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@Vignette – Kale’s not edible IMO.

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Also buttoning clothing would be hard.

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Brushing teeth

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My legs are unstable, so I need both hands for walking/standing. That makes everything hard. Hardest is tasks which normally requires both hands, like stirring ingredients, scrubbing a crusty pan, soaping my ass, carrying a laundry basket.

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Gaming would be next to impossible.

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I’d struggle to wake the wife as banging cymbals requires both hands.

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I broke up a dogfight a couple of months ago and my left hand got mangled.

@lucillelucillelucille is right.
All of them.

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@ucme You could try holding the other cymbal strap in your teeth and that way you can carry on with your morning wake up.

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Or use just one, and bang it against the doorknob.

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When I had my stroke, I lost the use of my non-dominant side (thank goodness). I had to learn how to do EVERYTHING one handed. It has now been 30 years & I’ve mastered many things; however, cooking is MORE trouble than it is worth most days & cleanup after I do cook frustrates the hell out of me!!! I can’t even imagine what it would have been like IF I had lost my dominant hand!!!

@ragingloli has a good point. Although gaming is NOT on the top of my list, it has definitely dropped to the BOTTOM due to no longer being worth the effort!!!

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Texting while driving.

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@Vignette Bless you for that, but my cymbal coach preaches the exclusive use of hand crashing only, otherwise it’s just not the same.

Besides, the wife often lashes out upon her rude awakening & I don’t want my teeth knocking out :D

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@ucme Well at least you know what your options are. My one handed cymbal crash technique though could add a nice sound effect to the very popular face palm.

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@Vignette Speaking of sound effects, if she doesnt wake with a cymbal crash, I squeeze a ball horn while prodding her boobs, the parp sound matches perfectly.

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