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What are the things that don't work after years let's say, of being idle other than a car?

Asked by flo (12587points) 1 week ago

Assuming the storage was reasonable, i.e not in too humid, for (something made of metal that rusts, not sunny (olive oil) for example. Is a record player one of them?

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I’m no expert on electronics, but when things are in storage, they get moved around and bumped, which can cause wires to come loose. Dust gets in, plastic components can degrade, any number of things can happen that can cause an item in storage to fail to work properly.

And of course a record player is made up of all kinds of things that can get ruined in storage.

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@snowberry Re. ”...when things are in storage, they get moved around and bumped,” Are you thinking in earthquake prone areas, or something like that?

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Math for teenagers. Not even a year, but two months is enough to forget most of it.

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Battery operated remotes.

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Battery powered anything.

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Old electronics with a lot of capacitors.

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Machinery that’s run with leather belts. maybe

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@flo My Winnie the Poo record player, my first, still works. Cant find a needle to save my life, but its neat to have still. Since you specifically mentioned those.

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Washing machines are often unfit for use after long storage. All of the seals deteriorate. I’ve heard more than one story of hooking one such machine to water, turning it on, and water going all over the place.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me… FLUX capacitors? Kinda like vaginas.

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In just one year a trampoline left outside will often rip when someone gets on it.

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Mel Gibson?

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Tape recorders/players.
The rubber belts desintegratie.

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Flashlights. The batteries corrode.

Old analog Clock radios. Oxidation buils up on the volume switch and tuning dials.
it usually cleans off if you run them back and forth a few times.

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Most printers seize up after a year of non use.

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The seals in piston powered pellet guns dry out if they are not used regularly.

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I left a friends bike out over the summer and the chain rusted out.

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@LadyMarissa Not the laser ones. I would not own an ink printer

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Can’t rubber belts seals be made to not disintegrate? I mean if you buy an expensive plus item and not use it for a while you have to spend a ton of money to have the rubber seal part changed? And is there anything in the Caution section of things?

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…Ok, maybe not in Caution section but under Better When… not that have seen such a heading in instruction in any instruction booklet.

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@KNOWITALL Thanks re. the record player thing. The don’t make them like they uses to as they say. By the way do you have it wrapped in something, so it doesn’t get exposed to humidity or something like that?

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Rubber dries out. Plus it’s not that expensive.

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