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Why did Santa, after making a list, need to check it twice?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26980points) 1 week ago

Short term memory loss?

Couldn’t read his own handwriting?

Looking for typos?

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He’s old. And meticulous!

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To see if anyone slipped up and moved to the naughty list !

Take it from card carrying; white bearded guy in the red suit with suspenders and wire rimmed glasses !

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@elbanditoroso Fto make sure impertinent little whipper snappers like you are on the naughty list.

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Because it rhymes with “nice.” That’s why.

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Because he takes his hot cocoa with a little brandy in it.
He drinks a lot of cocoa.

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What Dutch said

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It’s prudent to check twice.

Like “measure twice cut once.“ He only gets one shot. There are no do-overs on Christmas.

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Because there are almost 2 billion children on the planet.
Even though he only visits the ones in rich countries, the poor ones who will not get anything still have to be on the list.

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His server keeps crashing and always having to back up off the Cloud and has to compare the backup versions to the hard copies the Elves keep.

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I believe you are right on all three of your guesses.

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Because he wants the perfecto fish award.

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Tattle tale!

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