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What will people remember you for when you are dead and gone?

Asked by Vignette (1702points) 1 week ago

Pretty much as asked. I know what I would like to think people will remember of me, what do you think people will remember you for?

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One will for certain.
Goofiness,creativity and black napkins I think
and my first name is Alamo

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I mean I would like to think my close family & friends would remember me for bringing sunshine into their lives, to varying degrees.

Yeah, I think that best sums it up, i’d be a happy corpse knowing that.

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As an old girlfriend described me a few years ago, as “being deliciously weird”.

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I think most would remember me, as a nice guy. A guy who would risk my life for a stranger. A guy who wouldn’t kill anything, even insects. A guy who was blunt, even if it hurt people’s feelings, but a genuine person.
A funny guy, to some. A guy who fell in love too easy. A guy who could relate to almost anyone. A guy who wouldn’t tolerate bullies. A guy who would rattle cages, to see who people really were.

I’m a guy that people love, or hate. Most start out probably hating me. But they eventually understand my good intentions.

A guy, who hated himself, and really never belonged here.

A guy who would talk to someone’s dog, and not even talk to the owner.

I guy who loved fiercely.

A loyal guy.

A slob, in his house, but a perfectionist at work.

A guy who could take a beating, physically, and emotionally.

A guy who wasn’t afraid to cry.

In the end. I hope people would think that I was a man. Not just a male…

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@zenvelo That would make a most awesome head stone! Kinda jealous!

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@MrGrimm888 Your answer is truly epic and I say that partly in awe of your humble self appraisal. I share pretty much all of what you reflect on in your answer and ask how much of what you wrote people would actually make a point to say of you. I ask this because there are often very obvious qualities of a person that perhaps overshadow more subtle features of a person and their lives that just don’t get attention they otherwise do deserve.

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I don’t think I will ever live up, to my own expectations. But. I hope that people who know me, would think higher of me, than myself.

Hmm. I wonder how my ex would describe me?..I’d love to say I don’t care. But apparently I do…Even though she hurt me worse, than anyone I ever knew…

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Probably not much except the people that I’ve helped along the years.
I go out of my way for children a lot, I’ve done some big deals in my political work to improve our city’s future.
Like @MrGrimm888, everyone knows I love animals and have rescued all my life.

Other than that, probably not much, and that’s okay with me.

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My peculiar habits

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^I think you’re much more than that…

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But THAT isn’t what they will remember. Nobody cares about the positives.

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Bullshit Stan. I have a LOT of dead friends, and family. I will always remember the positive things about them. And I will never forget the negative things that I may have ever said/thought about them. It turns out that I realized that I loved the negative things about them, as much as the positive.

And these words, come from one of the most pessimistic jellies here.

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My off beat sense of humour.

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So what sort of eulogy will trump receive?

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Kindness (although that may not be obvious here!)

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The love I had for them. The unconditional, overwhelming love.
I think the grandkids will remember things like when we camped out at the park up the street from their house all of Thanksgivinig week, and they got to spend the night. Watching cartoons while eating Breakfast. (My God those kids can pack away the French toast! When Chris learned what I planned for breakfast he brought over another loaf of bread. I said, “I’ve already got a full loaf of bread!” He just laughed.)
Or how we come over almost every Saturday and hang out with them.

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Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in the fireplace at the park pavillion at night. Playing in the dark.

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To be fair and quaint with this one, I wouldn’t even want to attend my own funeral.
Let alone want to sit around who’s going to what.

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The inheritance.

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^^GA. Sad but true.

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^^ Adds @ARE_you_kidding_me to will.

Happy but false.

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I would hope that my brains tasted good.

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Fun, funny, silly, animal lover.

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“Floofy ploofy fun!” @jca2!

One of my grand daughter’s will always remember that she looks just like me. Acts a lot like me too. Kinda loud, bossy, forthright, doesn’t hold back. We have managed to teach her some manners, which she carries fiercely. She minds not only her manners, but the manners of everyone around her.

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Pretty sure my 6 year old girl grand twin will remember that I was the one who taught her to spread glue on her hand, wait for it to dry, then peel it off! :D.
At first she was asking “Why am I doing this?”
Then she started peeling…A delighted grin appeared and she said “This is so satisfying!”
I told her the goal was to try to peel it off in one big sheet. Of course it tickled and she giggled and said “This is so much fun!!”

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^Ol’ Grammy glue hands.:)

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It was great! Maybe she’ll bring tis tradition back to her school!

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She paints shells when she’s here. It started with a shell I brought home from a Chinese resturaunt. From there I found white shells online and bought them. So now, when she comes over, she gets the plastic tablecloth out, puts it on the kitchen table, and goes looking for shells to paint. We were out of Amazon shells so she turned her attention to some shells I have in the bathroom. Some of them came from Amelia Island, Florida, when we went there when my Dad died. I started to protest then thought a little harder about it.
Anyway, I just placed another order for white shells.

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How did we get to shell painting from the OP?

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What the kids will remember about me after I die. Savannah will remember painting shells at Grammas. And also when gramma glued her hands together!

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It makes perfect sense, to me…

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