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What national flags do you like the look of?

Asked by ucme (48123points) 1 week ago

Regardless of the country itself, based purely on design/colours

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USA, Canada,Jamaica. In that order.

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I hate all of them.
It is all a bunch of modern art bullshit.

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@ragingloli I agree with all the stripes which are so prevalent, but come on, must be some colour matches you like at least.
Stop lying & admit to one lol

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I’ve always liked Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka, Armenia (love the color combination), and Nepal (because that’s just weird).

I wish there were more color variation. No purple except a little bit in Dominica. And a great sub-national flag is the old Newfoundland flag which is green, white, and pink. Flags need more pink.

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Albania’s double headed eagle.

The triskelion of the Isle of Man.

The South Carolina cresecebt moon and palmetto.

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I have 4 nationalities in my blood line and of all of them the Swedish flag really stands out and is just nice to look at. I like the soft blue color.

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I like the color combo of the German flag. My grandmothers parents are “off the boat” German immigrants and so I have a flag patch on my olive green jacket. I live in a community of Mexican Americans and they call me kraut and Nazi when I wear it. :(

I also love the Jamaican flag colors.

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Nein…as many as that eh?

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Trinidad and Tobago, simple and bold.
Of course the US will always be my first choice, beautiful to me since I know the history.

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Antarctica (continent silhouette)
Canada (maple leaf)
Union Jack
South Korea (ying yang and I Ching)
Albania (black two-headed eagle on red, nicely medieval)
Anguilla (Union Jack plus a shield with a spiral of three dolphins!)
Bhutan (for the dragon… not happy with the colors though)
Isle of Man (a nicely medieval spiral of armored legs)
Papua New Guinea
Sri Lanka

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Cheers peeps, I love the Union Jack & that’s not me being patriotic at all, see myself very much as English not British, It’s just a great design, really pops.

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Many of the African flags,

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Marshall Islands

I like blue.

There are other flags I really like, because I know the symbolism. The US flag, the Florida flag (a state not a country, but I thought it would be ok to include it) there are many more.

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