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Are you in a part of the country where Amazon has its own delivery people? Are you happy with it?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26977points) 1 week ago

Where I live in Atlanta, Amazon has deployed its own delivery fleet – grey step-vans with the Amazon logo on it – instead of using Fedex or UPS or the USPS to do deliveries. what it looks like

The good news is that purchases do get here quickly. (Maybe that’s because I am a suburb away from their sorting depot?)

But their tracking is much poorer than either Fedex or UPS. You don’t know anything except that it was shipped, and when it is ‘Out for Delivery’. With UPS and Fedex you had an idea what the route was and how long things might take.

What’s your experience? Do you have Amazon delivery? Does it work for you?

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I haven’t seen that here yet but there is a pick up box at a grocery store nearby. I haven’t used it.
We get Amazon goods delivered through both UPS & USPS rather quickly.

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My only complaint is that Amazon, is killing lots of retail businesses.
When I sold kayaks/canoes, I would spend a half hour or so, teaching people about them. But then many told me that the boat they liked, was cheaper on Amazon. So. We lost a lot of sales, and I basically wasted my company’s time/money… It also cost us production, as I was supposed to be stocking shelves, when I wasn’t helping customers…

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I am in an area with Amazon delivery.

The UPS tracking is bullshit anyway, too many times I’ve seen “out for delivery” posted at 7 a.m., only to be updated to “no one at home” at six p.m., even though someone was home all day. And I have had numerous “overnight deliveries” take four days because they missed bringing it on Friday and don’t deliver on weekends.

As far as I know, I have never had an Amazon order come by FedEx.

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It’s a mix. We are pretty close to an Amazon distribution facility and get all sorts of mysterious vehicles dropping stuff off and also the regular USPS and other forms of transport. I think it all depends on if the item is coming from Amazon themselves or directly from the Vendor. However they do it, it is mind boggling that they do it so quickly and so cheaply.

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Here in San Francisco my experience mirrors that of @Vignette. The package can be delivered by damned near anyone in anything from a VW bug to a van or panel truck.

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I ordered a rainforest over a month ago, can’t think why it’s taking so long.

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You mean a rainstick?

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You’re thinking of firestick dear boy.

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50% of the stuff I get from Amazon is delivered from their contractors in random cars or the white vans. And usually on the same day. Yesterday I ordered a new litter box for my cat at 10am and was here before dinner. And here it does show you a real-time map of where the delivery vehicle is. And if stuff is left outside they text a picture of the delivery on my porch or wherever they left it. Which is nice since it rains so much and sometimes they have to put the package in a not so obvious place to keep it dry.

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@johnpowell you must be in the center of your city. You can get sameday delivery in parts of downtown Atlanta, but out in the burbs… no.

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I’m not but I often receive items the next day. We are ten miles outside a city of 100K in the suburbs.

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