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Have you ever had any murals on the walls in any of your homes?

Asked by JLeslie (62394points) November 8th, 2019 from iPhone

I’ve wanted to do a mural or mosaic for my husband for a long time, but I’ve never done it.

I have a friend who had amazing murals for her kids when they were young. Her daughter’s room was turned into a princess’ castle. It was amazing. When she grew out of it and wanted it painted over, I think we adults were more conflicted about it than her daughter. We loved those walls. Her son had a sports theme.

Do you like murals?

What would you want painted on your walls?

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I bought some giant posters. Usually a set of six covers an entire wall

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Yes. My folks built their house in 1968. In the dining room Mom had the workers install a length of wall paper that depicted a Mexican village scene.
Well, when I was 16, 10 years later, I completely lost my shit at my mom and hurled an empty wine bottle in her general direction. I wasn’t serious or I would have nailed her because I was a coordinated athlete.
I was angry enough to hurl the bottle, end over end, so that it hit that Mexican mural 8 inches from her head. The corner bottom of the base of the bottle hit the wall. Not the neck, not the body, just the lower corner of the bottom. Maximum damage.

Mom was an an artist. Two days later I watched as she poked newspaper in the hole that stuck out of it, then glued a piece of canvas over the newspaper stuffed hole. Then she painted a Mexican vase on that bit of canvas that blended perfectly with the Mexican street scene…only it was 3D. If you knew.

BTW…Mom hurled shit at me when I was growing up. Just so you know where that bullshit came from. It’s gone now.

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Way back when my boys were in scouts I had to help them get their art badge and taught them the color wheel. For their project part we did a mural on the basement wall where we stripped down to our tidy whities and painted the mural with our butts. It was a masterpiece and they got their badge.

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You painted the mural with your butts? Wirh your sons? I’m out.

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A friend of mine built his own house. He knee plumbers, electricians, etc. We all chipped in.

The room.above the garage, was his youngest daughter’s room. It had an angled roof. He had a scene with a tree painted on the wall. And he had a small.swing literally hung, under one of the branches of the tree. So. She had a tree swing, in here room!
I thought it was very creative, and cool. I love his daughter, and think her, I guess like a niece. I was SO happy she had such a nice room.

I was proud as hell of the hose too… we used a lot of excessive lumber, to make sure it could withstand any hurricanes. That house, ain’t going nowhere. Instead of 2×4’s, we mostly used 12×6’s. And we did it up good. It’s not brick, but it’s a a badass house. WAY out in the “country.”

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In the 1960’s, my aunt, who was very artistic, did a “Cinderella’s ball” mural on the wall of my cousin’s bedroom. It depicted the coach with the long winding path up to the castle. It was really beautiful. Of course, when in the 80’s it came time to freshen up the room, the mural got painted over.

I used to work with a woman who did trompe l’oleil paintings on walls. This was before the era of cell phones so she may have photos but not anything shared. I’m sure she did incredible work, since people used to hire her to do it.

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Good god no!

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Fun fact: Dutch for wall is muur.

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^^That is a fun fact! Thanks.

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No, but my cousin is a painter and thats in her repetoire.
A mural feels to permanent to me, so I stick to accent walls and texture.

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If a mural means a painting and not a wall hanging then yes, we have a painting of an urn with flowers in it right in the entry. I think it’s amateurish . If I liked this house I wouldn’t mind having it painted over.

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I am a painter but don’t have one on my walls. I have a plate rail that I switch out artwork every once in awhile.
My house is not big enough to support a mural of any kind but my husband saw a frieze in the arts & crafts style that he really likes.It would go well in my dining room but the walls are textured plaster above the plate rail so that would not work well.
All that being said, I think they can be interesting.
I was in a house that had one painted in a short hallway between the master bedroom and the master bath on a wall opposite their closets.
It was of a cafe scene of their favorite place to visit on trips to France. The artists painted the two of them seated at a table.
Another home I was in had a rabbit painted in a corner of the kitchen near the floor. It wasn’t noticeable right away but when I did see it, I almost squealed like a schoolgirl ! Lol! It was charming.:) The same house had a few stools painted in a trompe l’oeil style.They were very well done.
If you do commit to it and this goes without saying,really have a good look at their portfolio.
After all, you’ll have to see it everyday. :)

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I had planned to do a whole scene across the room. But painting a mural takes way longer than I thought. After we finished one large tree and the sun in one corner, we called it a day.

We mark the kids’ heights with dates on the tree.

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For the room downstairs, I special ordered some phosphorescent vinyl.

Plan on doing our own version of Exploratorium’s Shadow Box Exhibit

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