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Is it possible to add Bluetooth capability to my boombox?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9510points) 1 month ago

I have an old Sony Xplod boombox. Looks ugly (never liked its looks) but sounds great. It has AM/FM and can play CDs, including MP3 tracks. It also has an AUX input which allows you to connect anything with a standard earphone plug like the iPhones used to have. It does not, however, have USB.
Is there an accessory that I can attach that will add Bluetooth connectivity?

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Does it have a cassette player? If so, you can get something like this

Put it into the cassette player and have fun.

Otherwise no.

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Something like this?

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Do you want the boombox to transmit or receive bluetooth signals?

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With an aux in yeah, there are plenty of products. I added Bluetooth to a 1960’s RCA console I rebuilt. I have an echo dot connected to it now.

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@stanleybmanly I want to play music that’s on my iPhone and iPad on the boombox via Bluetooth. I know that I can connect the phone directly to the boombox with the 3.5 mm earphone plug, but Bluetooth is more convenient. So, I want the boombox to receive signals.
@ARE_you_kidding_me Can you please suggest a product?

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There are plenty of transmitting devices on the market designed to plug into the headphone jack, though they vary tremendously in efficacy. A few years back, I would have been in a position to discuss this topic, but I’m no longer current on developments. I can warn you that it’s important that you consider the power source for
the device of your choice. By this I mean you want to know the length of time you have for reliable performance between the transmitter’s battery charges. I wound up with a unit that worked beautifully, but delivers less than a full hour of playtime before the thing has to be removed and recharged.

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