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In the Christian faith,how long after a death does it generally take to hold a funeral?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (31232points) 3 weeks ago

Is it around 3 days?

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In Greece, where many people are Orthodox Christians, it is indeed (around) three days.
It’s not knowledge though, but from personal experience.

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Usually within a few days to a week. A week may be if there are people coming from far distance, like other places in the world.

My mom died on a Friday and we had her wake on Wednesday and the funeral on Thursday.

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@rebbel -Idk why I can’t remember this as I’ve been to enough of them.
@jca2 – That makes sense.My dad died 10 years ago and I cannot remember but it seemed within a week.
An old BF’s dad died last night and I am wondering when the funeral will be.
I already have one Friday. They accomplished this within a week of her death.

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Yes, as @jca says, within a few days if family is close by. My dad died on Dec 20 and we had his funeral on Dec 24.

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@lucillelucillelucille To Greek Orthodox funerals?

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@josie -TY
@rebbel- No.Is it a long service?

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Ah, I misunderstood it, thought you meant you attended some.

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In the grand old days of my Catholic upbringing burial time lines depending on strict Church time line protocols that mostly depended upon picking a day the priest and church would be available. Also Catholic protocols do exclude certain Holy Days that you should not use for funerals/burials. Nowadays I see funeral arrangements being scheduled around the days significant out of town attendees can get to the funeral.

The Jewish faith is the only faith I am aware of that has time specific burial edicts of getting them in the ground as soon as practical with the goal of doing so within one day.

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My younger brother died suddenly last week (the 4th). It took us until two days ago to get the church to confirm a service on the 26th. We had conflicts with travel and travel schedules though, so waiting three weeks was not distressing.

My father died on a Sunday in February of 2007. The next day my mom talked to the parish, and was told “either this Thursday, or you will have to wait a week to the next Thursday” because it was booked other days and would have run into Ash Wednesday.

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@zenvelo -I’m sorry for the loss of your brother.

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Here, IF they pass during the night or early morning & you get in touch with the funeral home right away, everything is over & done with in 2 days…unless there is a need to wait on family to get to town. I think the longest now is 3 days. The funeral director sells it as the sooner you get through the hard part, the sooner you can get through the grieving process.

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@LadyMarissa – I just found out that the funeral is Tuesday. He will be laid out tomorrow.

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s how they shorten the time here, they are laid out & the family receives friends for the hour to 1–½ hours just before they are buried.

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@LadyMarissa -The other funeral I have on Friday is just a church service followed by a luncheon.One day thing and that is it.

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^ One day is just a little too fast for me!!!

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@LadyMarissa – I agree. A couple of days at least gives others a chance to pay their last respects if they can’t make the one day.

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Very few people are using their church for the funeral service anymore. The funeral homes all seem to have a chapel available that is scheduled as part of the burial unless otherwise requested

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Catholics in the Philippines, mostly middle class to poor have wakes for at least a week where friends, neighbors and even strangers come to gamble playing card games. Each table helps out the grieving family financially by giving them a percentage of the bets. There will always be some food and drinks provided by the family for attendees. This goes on day and night until the day of the burial.

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Since embalming is allowed, it might be anywhere two to six days. If the body is cremated it might be months after the death.

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