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What is the best cough suppresant?

Asked by Vignette (2887points) November 13th, 2019

I got my first chest cold in eons so I need to update my suppressant arsenal. What are your best cough suppressant both OTC Over the counter and natural homeopathic remedies. Thank you in advance.

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Nyquil and pineapple juice.

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@lucillelucillelucille Nyquil is a good one but I also need daytime relief as well

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@lucillelucillelucille That worked so well my employees are starting to think I am faking having a cold.

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@Vignette—Tell them of the magic that is Dayquil.
never believe it’s not so

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@lucillelucillelucille Then I better get a carboy of it for our water cooler as I probably infected all of my employees and the truckers who have been here today that are heading your way to make deliveries in your town. So by my calculations the entire world should be coughing their guts out in 4–5 days. Stock up on day/night quill now before the store shelves are empty.

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@Vignette I just got over a 2 week cold/flu thing so I have no fear of this for I have gone pro.You really need to use a cup at the water cooler.

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Acupressure there are several

I have another acupressure method that is completely different and is OK to use on pregnant women as well. It works on everyone, including babies, but it’s fairly complicated. PM me if you’re interested.

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@snowberry I use acupressure a lot but never for a cough and I will be darned that using the Tiantu pressure point in the first video worked! I mean that is EXACTLY where the cough is residing and when I press it as prescribed, that itchy feeling making want to cough is suppressed. The hand pressure points did seem to respond as well and pressing the fleshy part between the thumb and index finger works instantly to stop a cough in the making. Pretty cool! Thanks!

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My son just spent two weeks home from school with terrible pneumonia. Robitussin DM was the only thing that helped. It would give him a couple hours of relief. Delsym is also a good cough suppressant.

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Old school, behind the counter show your id Sudafed. (if your cough is from drainage)

Mucinex if your lungs are affected, it at least makes coughing more productive.

“homeopathic remedies” are a complete fraud.

There are some natural remedies that may help but I don’t know any good ones except for a little moonshine, honey and hot water.

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I try to go as “natural” as possible. I usually buy some Cold-eeze with Zinc & Elderberry from Walmart. It’s a lozenges that coats the throat while it dissolves.

Another that seems to help me is Barlean’s Organic Oils Olive Leaf Complex Throat Spray. I get that one from Amazon. Spray it on the back of your throat & it suppresses the cough reflex PLUS it helps to shorten the duration of the cold & even helps alleviate the Flu. It tastes nasty but works well!!!

A spoon full of honey works well also. It’s better (but more expensive) IF you use locally grown honey!!!

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I usually drink a lot of hot tea with lemon and honey

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The ones with codeine were the best. I don’t even know if any of those are available now. I haven’t been to a doctor for cold/flu symptoms in many many years.

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Over the counter? DM. I like Robitussin DM, but you can get a knock off brand. The ingredient is Dextromethorphan. The DM also has an expectorant. You can get medicine with the cough suppressant only, but keep in mind that a dry cough for more than a week is something to get checked by a doctor. No joke, unproductive coughs are nothing to play with.

If you’ll take a narcotic, Codeine with terpin hydrate is a great cough suppressant. My mom used to give us that at night when we had a bad cough so she could rest. Lol.

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@JLeslie Yep, Novahistine DH is what we used to use.

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As someone who is allergic to codeine, I’m glad we have other options now days. When I was young, only the syrups with codeine even touched our coughs.

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@LadyMarissa I don’t know how old you are, but dextromethorphan has been around since the 70’s I think. I remember getting Robitussin as a kid, but my mom would ask for the codeine.

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