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How do I get a job lined up a few months in advance?

Asked by Akame009 (228points) November 15th, 2019

My boyfriend and I are getting a place together in June. I live in a college town and he is moving here with me. Our apartment requires us to make 3 times the rent (625 a month) which is 1,875 a month, but I work in the college library two days a week, so I don’t make very much and he wants me to only have one job so I can focus on school. That being said, he wants to get two jobs when he moves here, but we need then lined up before June 1st as that is our move in date. So, how do we line up jobs a head of time?

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Look into apprenticeships. In some areas, such as where I live, the pay and benefits packages can be very good.
If they know you are coming, I think at least some would be interested in holding a spot.
Such positions are a big commitment, and demand a lot of time and effort. Therefore, I expect they would welcome someone who plans ahead.

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That is a pretty tall order to nail down 2 jobs that far in advance. He simply has to establish his start date and see if the job opening can wait that long. Government jobs might be a good place to look as they are always rotating out people who are retiring and those dates are known in advance.

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Since you need the jobs lined up by June 1st I suggest that HE get there well Before to LOOK for himself for a Job.
You are not married and I suggest that you look into the legalities of this arrangement first in order to protect your rights. ( separate lease for each in case on leaves the other).
If YOU can manage two jobs then do it until you can’t. The rent seems way too high?

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