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What did you think of The Mandalorian?

Asked by gorillapaws (27518points) November 15th, 2019

If you haven’t seen it or aren’t interested, I’d kindly ask you to move on. If you have seen it or are thinking about watching it, please share your thoughts. If you want to talk spoilers, please preface your post with [SPOILERS] so people can avoid them if they want.

Did you like it? Why or why not? This seems like a different tone for the Disney Star Wars universe. Are you happy about it? It has a TV-PG rating. Is that a good thing? or will it limit the show? Any other thoughts?

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I enjoyed it, but I have to watch it again to pick up on all the little nuances.

My son who has deep knowledge of the Star wars canon was quite enthralled. If the other episodes are as well done as the first, it could be a game changer for TV.

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Not sure yet if I want to spend for another streaming channel. But if it’s easy to get in and out like in Netflix I just might try it for a month to check it out. So far the only Disney films I don’t loathe are Rogue One and Solo.

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@mazingerz88 “So far the only Disney films I don’t loathe are Rogue One and Solo.”

I’m with you on that. “Solo” had plenty of Disney cringe moments for me as well though. “The Mandalorian” was closest in tone to “Rogue One,” particularly when you saw the gritty Jedha streets from “the commoner’s” point-of-view. The combo of high tech mixed with muck and grime is such an enthralling visual.

It’s still early, so you may want to wait until a few more episodes come out to see if “The Mandalorian” is worth your money. From only seeing the first episode, I have to say that this is the most excited I’ve ever been about a Disney Star Wars production. I hope it lives up to it’s promise.

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@mazingerz88 There are a lot of introductory deals going on. I have a Verizon family phone plan with unlimited data, so I got a year’s free subscription. Lots of similar deals out there.

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I miss what’s never going to happen again. More practical fx and on location shoots using film. But if The Mandalorian excites enough for me not to notice, great. Jon Favreau has enough understanding and creativity to pull it off for me.

I pay 125 bucks a month to Verizon internet and cable. ( in actuality no cable channels at all that’s worth seeing ) I would have to pay more to bundle several channels I like.

I pay Amazon and no intention of cutting it. Once in a while I pay Netflix for a month when they have something new worth watching and then leave.

Before Amazon it was nothing but Hulu and Netflix for me. These days, I’m heavily using YouTube for free. For news, classic movies, instructional videos, movie reviews, docus and….cat videos. lol

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We have watched both episodes and loved them. It has an Old West vibe to it.

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