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How much importance does the opinion of a celebrity or sports figure have in your decision making?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (31588points) 3 weeks ago

Do they influence what you spend your money on?

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Not one iota. Actually, all it does is piss me off. I don’t buy the product and I stop supporting the celebrity

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Unless their opinion relates directly to their field of competence, then it has as much weight as the opinions of anyone else.

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@SEKA It irritates me as well

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Apart from all the subliminal shit that’s going on and I, obviously, am not aware of…

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They don’t provide any importance. I know they are being paid so I don’t care. How do we know they are using the lawyer they are promoting? or the Insurance company? or that skin care product?
If I had proof they were using it and had more than one reason aside from money I might take their thoughts as I would a friends, and try it out.
For example, if I was looking to get away with a double murder and O.J Simpson was advertising his lawyers, I’d try them out.

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Zero. Well that’s probably not true. If it’s a celebrity that I particularly dislike, and I have bought or plan to buy the object of their endorsement, then I will not buy it.

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Well, I would give a lot of weight to Mayim Bialik’s opinions concerning neuro-science

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@canidmajor Lol! What about advice on dating??

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Not going to lie, I’d love a loincloth sponsored by the boss man himself, Tarzan.
Maybe I’m that shallow!

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The Obamas can influence my thinking.

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I quit SNL because they were so focused on being mean, nothing was funny anymore. I watched it this weekend because Harry Stiles was on.
Mmmm he likes cougars. Rar!!

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@Patty_Melt – Lol!
I too,stopped watching it.
They do rely more on predictable,mean spirited stuff than creative,original writing.
I got bored.

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Jane you ignorant slut!

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None, but advertisers must be like psychologists and agree to disagree.

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In regards to advertising, I find most of it repulsive, even in print. Occasionally I will like one not for the product, but an appreciation for the clever presentation. For instance, I don’t drink, never liked beer, but ya gotta love those Budweiser horses, and the super bowl commercials.
I also like the Farmers insurance commercials, we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two. Did anybody see the one they had of a cougar got on some guy’s car? He used a laser light to get it distracted and leave. Lol

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@Patty_Melt -I did see that:D
I wonder how much influence they have when it comes to supporting a political candidate,

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Entertainment is nice to have around, but politics are serious business.
I think that is what made some people unable to accept Trump as a legitimate company candidate. The only impression they have had of him are likely the apprentice, and maybe his wrestling career. They may have even jumped on the dirty lies bandwagon, believing various lies about his character, because they just can’t take someone seriously who they have seen only as an entertainer. He lived a whole lifetime before that. He expressed at times that he wasn’t all business and no fun, and that was how he got started with doing movie and TV spots.

People who go into the arts as a driven soul, they are a different mindset, with other means of accomplishing, and an inability to have the mindset to perceive what goes into political and business successes. I don’t find most celebrities credible in their thinking on political stages.
A good example is Clint Eastwood. I love his work, not all, but most. However, in trying to be political, he is not a good choice.
People want mostly the same things, truly, but few realize what is required to have those things.
That is why some countries are constantly at war, and never find a leader who makes them all happy. Lots of people believe they know what is required to have a happy, well balanced community. As a result, they resent the measures taken by whomever is in power. They revolt. The leader will resort to awful things to maintain power. It is a cycle which is perpetual.

We all see things we don’t agree with, or approve of in our leaders, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad leaders, but simply imperfect humans.
I loathe talking politics, so, any rebuttal will not be answered by me.
See how that works? I’m stating an opinion, but not crusading.

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@Patty_Melt—I am simply amazed that a celebrity thinks anyone is interested in their opinion at all.

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You and I should go for ice cream together sometime. I could use a day of humor.

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