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Do you know any additional leaders world leaders who are in positions of power who have facial art, other than the 19 listed in my link?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15873points) 3 weeks ago

Not just tattoos, but facial art. Including metal implants or tattoos on the face, not just on the arms and body, but on the face? Link 19 World Leaders Who Have Tattoos Humor and serous answers welcome. Pictures welcome.

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Andrew Jackson Is believed to have had a large tomahawk on his inner thigh??
Well, now. XD

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Hitler and Stalin had distinctive moustaches.

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Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, has a cock for a head!

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Our Prime Minister, Rutte, has a permanent smile on his face, surgically attached, I believe, to whitstand any critique.
Gets away with it for nine years straight now.

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