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How do you react when a stranger suddenly shares intimate information with you?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (31599points) 3 weeks ago

Do you maintain a good poker face or do you run away screaming?
Something else? Feel free to answer in limerick form if you’d like, just keep it clean.

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I’m cool, my daughter though… :D

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@ucme LOL!
I would love to do this

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I used to have people telling me all kinds of stuff when I was in Children’s Services (believe me, all kinds of stuff). On my own, not through work, I am very calm when I hear stuff. I will be interested, and fascinated, but not exasperated or exclaiming.

So many women have had some kind of inappropriate touching or other unwanted sexual act done to them that it’s not shocking. So many people have fractured families due to someone dying, inheritance issues, family fights, cheating, lying, etc. Not shocking.

So many people have secretive sex lives, regarding fetishes and other things that interest them but are not for their average friends and family to hear.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’ve had this happen while standing in line before. Some old dear will share all of her ailments, bless, I get that they may not have anyone to talk to at home & this interaction makes their day, but I don’t particularly want to chat about your stools…y’know! :D

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@ucme-What did you say to her?

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I’l pull up a chair. I love stories.
That does have limits though.
If a large man confides to me he likes to deprive people of body parts he feels they no longer need, I would ask him to give me a moment to fetch a drink, and then beat it for the nearest exit.

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@lucillelucillelucille Well, she was a bit fruity with her language, although spoken in soft tones lol.
So as I got to the head of the line, I said “ah well shit happens!” & let her go ahead of me, she chuckled in a way that only naughty old lady’s can & went about her business.

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@Patty_Melt -Lol!
@ucme -Let her go ahead!? You’re quite the gambler,aren’t you?

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I take at least one step back or move to the other side of the table.

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@lucillelucillelucille It was her who was shooting crap, not literally of course or else I would not have stood behind her :D

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@kritiper -Tables are very helpful,indeed.

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I thank them for trusting me with such personal information and then post it on Twitter. In a 140 character or less limerick of course.

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@Vignette To be read at funerals!

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“Hey do me a favor and stop talking.”

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I assume I have encountered yet another idiot and I make like a tree.

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I usually find it interesting.

If it seems appropriate and not problematic, I tend to listen and offer whatever feels appropriate as a response.

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Tho no one is ever really ready to listen to random thoughts of others, so when it happens to me, I can say that in a way I’m honored that person chose me as an outlet, I can say that I’ve opened up to strangers and they had a unexpected amount of empathy for what I shared, I guess when things happen like this, its meant to me, who knows, we may even save someone’s life or even just brighten his or her day… We all need that sometimes…

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@Lucillelucillelucille lol please forgive me, I just realized you meant SUPER INTIMATE!! Well it happened at work and my coworker came over and invited himself where I was sitting alone, and started talking about a date he was on the night prior, it took a turn for the worse when he became loud!!! I was like OMG!! THAT’S MORE THAN INFO THE WHOLE CAFATERIA NEEDS TO HEAR! LOL The expressions on peoples faces were PRICELESS!! Oh the horror!!

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@PaisleyFaye -Your first answer was very nice and you seem like a very nice person!
I was at a memorial brunch when I heard an old fart say to a woman, “OMG! I FORGOT HOW GIGANTIC YOUR BOOBS ARE!”
I had to leave the room lol

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@Lucillelucillelucille Thanks for the COMPLEMENT!! I appreciate it! Sometimes being nice can be my downfall,in life I’ve taken notice of how mean people seem to be happier, ill never change my ways, if anything I wish I had thicker skin to get through the rough times.. Btw yea, I would have left the room too!!! All that laughter has to come out!!! Lmao!!!

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@PaisleyFaye – I don’t think mean people are happier. Their snarky BS is a shallow victory and I don’t believe they’re ever truly fulfilled.It’s a sign of weakness.
and It’s a huge tell

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@ Lucillelucillelucille your correct on that, its awful how people try to drag others into a dark place because they feel the need to uplift themselves…

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@PaisleyFaye – They will drain your energy if you spend enough time around them.

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@ Lucillelucillelucille True so I have no reason to feel guilt when I keep myself seperate from them, its for my own wellbeing.

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