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101 uses for a balloon [in theory] who will start us off?

Asked by ucme (50047points) November 21st, 2019

Multipurpose bags of air…

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Tie wrap.
Pear shaped ice ‘cubes’.

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Low budget fake breasts.

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Fill them with water and freeze them—> effective projectiles to hurl at pesky trick or treaters.

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Fill them with water and don’t freeze them. Effective for inciting water balloon wars with the neighboring kids.

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You bring them home and give them to your pet cougar….

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They make good clown lures.

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Fake boobs for a cheap drag act.

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I’m worthless. But I won’t just non-respond , if I have an opinion on the subject….

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Balloon art, making animal shapes etc.

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Advertising. Birthday parties, breast enhancers, noxious gas storage for tasteless pranks.

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Did any of you watch my link about the cougar, he is cute as hell playing with the balloons?

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Great footage squeeek!

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Fake fart sounds when slowly letting air out…shock your grandma, thrill the kids!

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Rub it against your pant leg to build up some static electricity then press it against the back of its head. The cat can feel it but not see it & have been known to walk in circles for hours trying to find & kill whatever is attacking it. Like this

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Musical instrument

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I had a dream once. I hundreds of balloons, and I flew/floated over the Atlantic Ocean, back to Europe, where I lived as a child. It took forever, and there was a bad storm along the way. But I made it.
I find it interesting that my mind used hundreds of balloons, when I was fully aware of hot air balloons. This dream was only a few years ago…

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Sling shot targets

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@MrGrimm888 Sounds like the old guy of the pixar movie UP.

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Two uses: Fill the balloon with helium and use it to pull an answer out of @MrGrimm888 OR

Fill the balloon with helium as a temporary cure for ED.

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It’s amazing how I remember dream. Like it actually happened.

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