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Do you want to help me choose a new business name?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11850points) 1 week ago

I already have a photography business. It was originally named Lindsey Lee Photography. An issue with using the domain came up and I ended up taking the easy route and changing the name completely to Boho Photography. Boho is the style of wedding photos I’m usually booked for.

I’m venturing out into the field of wedding planning and I’m trying to come up with a name. Do I stick with something similar to my photography name? Should I keep the two businesses completely separate? Do I merge both together and go with a new name altogether? I’m looking for something catchy, easy to remember. I do miss my original as it had a nice ring to it.

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What is a Boho style (of wedding photography)?

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I’d change it from Boho to a less descriptive name as you wouldn’t want it to sound limited to a particular style.

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If you change the name, you’ll lose the identity you have with customers who knew you by that name. Add a suffix if you want to advertise more photo options that you have available.

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Keep the wedding photography name for photos. get a new name for the wedding planning company with a separate company. If one doesn’t work out you haven’t tied the two together in a single business.

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@rebbel Short for bohemian. Free spirited, hippie style.

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s very true. I really don’t want to be limited.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 -No but you could work the Boho descriptor into advertisements or just let the photos do it for you.
I know that style is popular right now but it will fade just as any would so I’d include but not limit yourself to that.

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@lucillelucillelucille Great point. I think my business cards and work screams boho anyway so it’s really not necessary to have it in the name. And I did worry that once it fades out, I’m stuck with that name.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 -Yep. You want to show that you can handle anything.

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I do Plan 4 U

Sorry, I’m a little bit drunk :D

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My vote is to simply make up a cool sounding name. Big corporations do this quite successfully. Think of Apple. I recently went through this process trying to come up with a name of a new line of “green” products and anything that we came up with that captured the “green” theme sounded desperate at best. There are some random name generators online that you plug in particulars and it will spit out endless suggestions based in your inputs.

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I like the idea of branding it all together, but I’m not sure I like the name boho. Maybe younger people know that is shirt for bohemian and it’s fine, but I didn’t know. I thought Soho, so “bo” houston. Anyway, you could do “boho planning” and keep it a separate LLC or corporation, for liability reasons. What kind of response do you get to the name?

My BIL’s grew their flower business into a party planning business. They do big galas (like charity benefits in NYC for hospitals) and really ritzy weddings. If I’m not mistaken they kept the same basic name for everything. I’ll message you their website. What makes their parties amazing is the lighting. Since you are a photographer you will be great at it too.

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@JLeslie Personally I’m not in love with the Boho name. When I had it changed, I didn’t hear much feedback about it which could mean people didn’t like it but were trying to be polite. I’d be very open to changing it.

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^^Possible they just didn’t comment, you’re right. It’s close to boohoo, which I don’t love about it. If I’m honest.

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Eye For Perfection –
Wedding planning and photography

My Eye For You

Made Of Honor – Your special day made beautiful, I promise.

Have you considered also setting up elopements? I have seen that there are businesses which set up elopements for people who can’t afford the trimmings of a formal wedding. They provide a nice setting and some trimmings, so it is pretty, and take pictures, but without the cost of guests, travel, etc.
There is some planning, but reasonable for short notice.

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@Patty_Melt Do you mean be the officiant or just provide the setting for the elopement?

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I think there are both, but the article I read was about someone with the setting, and will arrange an officiate, but mostly people arrange who they know.
These guys don’t arrange, but they are videographers who have done elopements.
I guess it is kind of a new business, and people are figuring out what fits them best.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 – I got married on a beach and they took care of the setting,,and the reverend.

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You could save the trouble and make the name of your buisness your full name , for now.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Using your name means you, can’t sell the company to someone (it’s your name) ==> You then can’t do any business with your name !

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@Tropical_Willie If it came to that then you could change the name of your buisness.

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But then you can’t sell it, name of company is part of the sale; if your was McDonald and you sold hamburgers changing it “Joe Blow form Texaco” you would not get money from name or goodwill.

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@RDG because the name, being known, and popular, is a big percentage of its overall value.

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