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Which news outlet reported that the 911 call "for pizza" was by the victim of domestic abuse?

Asked by flo (12643points) 1 week ago

I’m looking for the outlet/s that reported it was the victim of domestic violence who called 911. I just posted the links of the ones that said the daughter called 911, (Edited to add one in detail one in headline as well.) (not in headline, but in detail) (in headline too).

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Television Station WTVG – 13ABC, based in Toledo, Ohio, the nearest large city, reported the story. It was picked up by national news outlets.

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Broadcasting I suppose.

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Thank you @chyna!!!

@flo IF you checked the link that I provided with my Q that @chyna referenced above, it was WMUR-9 which is an Oregon ABC affiliate station. ALL the names match between my link & yours. ONLY difference was that yours said the daughter had called in the pizza order where my link indicated that it was the abused woman who called. I’ve read several different accounts from numerous sources & I’m more confused than ever as to who made the call. My husband was from Oregon, but most of his family no longer lives there so I can’t verify what the truth to the report is at this point in time.

When I initially saw the report, it was on a local NBC affiliate station. Attempting to verify, I searched for an Oregon report & that’s where the WMUR-9 link came into the equation.

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The article I read said it was the daughter. I don’t remember which site I was on.

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It does sound more likely that someone other than the person who is being abused to be the one to have made the call, since he would have taken the phone away from her? I don’t know.

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When I heard the clip it didn’t sound to me someone who is in the middle of being beaten up or something like that.

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There can be lulls in an instance of abuse. Abused women learn psychological manipulation to try and calm the men down or otherwise control the situation.

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@LadyMarissa I also still don’t know which is fact.

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@flo I don’t either, but I’m still researching to see IF I can get to the bottom of this. Before posting my Q, I had checked & rechecked & found nothing about the daughter calling. Everything I read indicated it was the woman being abused. So, now I’m trying to determine how I can be more careful in future Q’s when ALL my research indicates that my info is correct. It’s really bugging me!!!

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@Dutchess_lll I had began with that link. Anytime I use CNN as a source, someone on Fluther replies that it’s NOT a reliable source, so I sesarched further. Before posting my orig Q, I found 4 news reports that mirrored the CNN report. @Sagacious commented that it was the daughter who called in but it occurred in 2014. I thought it was a similar story that had happened 5 years ago & referred back to my recent link. Then @flo provided a link that had ALL the same names as in my link but claimed it was the daughter that called.

OK, I just went back to reverify ALL the links involved in this & @flo YOUR link saying it was the daughter is NO longer a valid link. Any chance it was taken down due to misinformation??? At this point, I’m going to assume that my link & @Dutchess_lll & even @fl’s first link link are the actual story as it occurred. This is the one that says the woman called it i herself. IF anyone can provide a link proving otherwise, I’ll continue my quest to get to the truth…until then, I’m satisfied that we know the truth!!!

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@LadyMarissa All the local TV affiliates report that it was the daughter that called it in.

But really, what difference does it make? The abuser was arrested. Does it make it more or less real if the daughter called rather than the abused mother?

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@LadyMarissa One of the links provided here CNN article the key word is “her mother” instead of “her daughter”. _“According to the Oregon Police Department, a 38-year-old woman called 911 when her mother’s boyfriend, Simon Ray Lopez, came home intoxicated. He allegedly punched the caller’s mother, 57, in the arm and pushed her around the house while yelling that he was going to hurt her.“_If we use Ctrl F to find “daughter” it wouldn’t be found, so the assumption would be since the title doesn’t say it is the abused woman herself.
To me, there is no reason to think it can’t be the daughter.

By the way, the link that says “her mother” is ok if you click on it instead of using “open in a new tab” That’s my experience anyway.

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