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How often do you buy milk and how much do you buy?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41057points) 4 days ago

When I had a houseful of kids, including the daycare, I could go through a gallon every other day. It’s just Rick and I now, but we go through at least a gallon a week. He likes milk. I like milk. Do you like milk?

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Our office buys 36l every couple of weeks. It all gets consumed with the coffee.

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When I drank it I went through a 4 liter jug every 4 days. Or a liter a day. Now I drink oat dream. I just tried some egg nog and got sick. So now I know better.

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Error. Should be “Rick and me,” not “Rick and I.”

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I’m super weird about dairy. If crust forms on the rim of the milk jug it makes me ill and I toss it.

But keep in mind I don’t ever drink milk orally. I’m not pouring cow-tit-snot into my mouth. I do use it in things like mac and cheese (BLUE BOX!!).

But when my mouth was super fucked from the radiation I went a few months only putting twocal and water inside me via feeding tube. Oh, and a fuckload of oxy.

But I got really really weak and all my joints hurt. We are talking pissing in Snapple bottles from my bed pain since getting to the bathroom huuurt.

Then I thought maybe I was missing out on fat, animal fat to be exact. So I had my sister get me a gallon of the fattiest milk available. Amazing. In about a week my joints felt fine.

I’m still using the feeding tube but only in the morning. Can of twocal, 8 ounces of milk, and then about 16 ounces of water. It is a slow drip that takes about 90 minutes.

But I buy a quart of milk every week. I never end up finishing it. But It is 99 cents a quart so not a huge deal if I don’t finish it.

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Gallon a week.

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I’m not a doctor but milk has a lot of calcium in it @johnpowell. That may be what improved your joints.

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It varies considerably, but I would say it averages out to about ½ gallon every 5–7 days.

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Are you the only one who lives in your house?

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I buy no milk for my own use. I keep some powdered milk in case I want to make pancakes or something that needs a little milk. I take my mother fresh milk each week when I visit her in assisted living. She likes to have a little cup at night with her sweet treats. She could get it from the facility but keeping some of those kinds of staples helps her feel independent.

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I buy a quart of almond milk every once in awhile.

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About a cup per day at home, in the coffee, and a cup per day on work days, in the coffee I make at work. My daughter is not a big milk drinker but once in a while I will give her some. Sometimes I bake or cook with it, too. I buy it either a half gallon or a gallon at a time, and for work, a half gallon which lasts over a week. The work one will go bad sometimes because i’m not there on weekends. I’ll bring a new one in, even if it’s not needed, so it’s there when the previous one finishes or goes bad.

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Since. my two elementary grandsons spend most of their days here, and hubby and I both drink milk, we go through a gallon a day. If I mix up chocolate milk, it’s even more.

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1 gallon per week of skim.

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When I’m alone I buy a half gallon every three weeks. When my husband is home I buy a half gallon every 1–2 weeks.

I also keep almond milk in the house. That’s a half gallon about every 6–8 weeks.

Edit: once in a very blue moon I buy whole or 2% for cooking or baking. I usually just buy a quart when I do that. Maybe 4 times a year. Otherwise, the milk I mentioned above is skim milk

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I drink almond milk. I get a quart maybe twice a month for cereal.

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I buy ½ gallon of non-fat about every 8 days. My son uses it in his coffee, and every once in a while for cereal.

I buy a 48 oz. bottle of unsweetened almond milk or oat milk once a week. I use it for coffee and the very occasional oatmeal.

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We buy almost whole Vitamin D milk.

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Almost whole?

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Whole milk still has the cream. The label reads “Whole milk,” but it can’t really be whole milk without the cream. So it’s almost whole.

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@Dutchess_III A dairyman might disagree with you. Milk is milk, cream is cream, butterfat is butterfat.

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Both of those come from milk.

I dated the son of a dairy farmer in college. All I have to compare it to was the milk, right out of the cow, that his mom sent back with him with him, in a giant pickle jar, every visit. That was some amazing stuff. The cream rose to the top, so you had to shake it before you poured a glass to kind of mix it all up again.
Butterfat also comes from milk.

My mom was raised on a dairy farm. She remembers that seriously “whole milk” well, and shaking it to mix everything back up. And skimming the cream off the top for other uses.

They call it “raw” milk, but literally, it’s far more “whole” than the milk in the store that is labeled “whole milk.” Hence I call in “almost whole milk.”

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@Dutchess_III Mmmm, nothing like straight from old Bessie the cow.

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Every time we have this discussion I vow to find a farmer who will sell me raw milk!

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@Dutchess_III A Dairy Outlaw?! I love it!

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LOL!! If it isn’t pasteurized, I admit, I would be a little leery. I wouldn’t give it to the kids, either. Can they pasteurize raw milk?

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Well, looks like I can do my own. hunt is on!

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Milk that we buy in the store is homogenized which keeps it from separating. Whole milk basically is around the same fat content as straight from the cow. The term whole milk and milk are usually used synonymously, we usually specify if milk is lower fat (2% or fat free) or higher fat (half and half or cream).

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Still doesn’t compare to raw milk.

Dang, that was quick! I found someone on FB who sells it. We have a common friend in my son in law.

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I looked up the process and I see what you are saying @JLeslie. And I see what you were saying @zenvelo. The milk I buy is, actually, “whole,” just processed to come out right.

The lesser milks have the fat extracted and they make cream and butter out of it.

I can’t wait to try the raw milk, though!

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Raw milk has slightly more nutritional value than the processed stuff we drink. The pasteurization destroys some of the vitamins. Commercial dairies fortify the milk, which I know pretty much everyone knows.

Raw milk carries risk for bacterial infection (food poisoning) but probably the risk is low. Commercial dairies combine the milk in large vats, so just one contamination, contaminates gallons and gallons, so the risk is too great.

I wouldn’t risk the raw milk, but I have friends who used to buy it. I don’t know if they still do.

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