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Have you ever not wanted a cake on your B-Day?

Asked by PaisleyFaye (700points) 3 days ago

If you felt that way before, then what would you replace it with?

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It’s the only time I eat cake & so yeh, once a year is cake time.
My wife had made a stunning one for my 50th & I buried my face into it with glee.

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I can take cake anytime. I get pissed when people mention my birthday because, at my age, I’d just as soon forget!

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I would rather have a fresh baked apple or berry pie a la mode. Cake is overrated.

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Just to clear up any confusion that may arise from my answer.
My wife had a professional make my cake as she would have burnt the house down.

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@ucme But im sure it will make for a good story one day! Im sure she loves you a TON!!

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I have never not wanted cake! I’ll eat cake on Trump’s birthday!

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@Lucillelucillelucille is he your main squeeze?

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@PaisleyFaye I mean yeah of course.
What’s not to love? :D

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I think one year I wanted an eclair and another time I got a box of macarons, but most of the time I want cake, often tres leches cake.

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I always want cake. My daughter, however, prefers birthday pies.

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I’ve very often not really wanted cake on my birthday, since my 20’s or so.

One of the most memorable alternatives was bacon-wrapped scallops. Actually, since then, a couple of times I’ve gone to a restaurant and ordered really nice scallop dishes on my birthday.

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I have never liked cake. Can’t eat it.

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I would never mind cake on my birthday! Except if it has nuts in it. I would eat one or 2 pieces and give the rest away.

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Pecan pie and mashed potatoes.

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I don’t especially like cake but if someone else makes it, I’ll eat it .I prefer pie and icecream.

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Brisket with a candle…ONE candle.

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I remember, as a kid having banana cream pie with graham cracker crust. Yum.

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My Mom was an artist, and our cakes were a work of art!
I haven’t had a cake on my birthday since I left home.

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A chocolate chocolate cupcake will do. I’ll gladly split it.

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I don’t want anything, for my birthday. Haven’t for, at least two decades. I survived another rotation of the Earth, around the Sun. That’s all it proves…

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I am more of a pie kind of gal, but if I was going to have cake, I would prefer that it was lemon. I’m not particularly fond of chocolate cake.

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Cake is good. Birthdays are good.

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I would be tickled pink to get anything on my birthday.

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